Molex and Samtec joint development leave solution of generation data center

(Singapore–On May 17, 2018) high-powered electron product interrelates systematic design and two of production domain global leaders announce to reach permissive resource agreement, will lead innovation jointly, the solution that offers new generation will satisfy the requirement of constant to 56G and 112G data rate growth.

Molex and Samtec are the BiPass that obtains a license to offer Molex thereby™Reach the Twinax Flyover of Samtec™Two sole suppliers of the system, be in as data center super- massive model and those who grow day and day is fictitious the ceaseless development that changes a condition to fall, this kind of system general can satisfy the requirement of the high speed application that the amount grows increasingly. Component of the cable of high speed wire that the range that permits resource agreement includes to leave generation, wire cable and connector, provide two kinds of resource with the channel that optimizes in the light of a whole at be a client, inside frame with the applied base with more extensive implementation of double coaxial technology is at the same time outside frame.

As bandwidth demand climb quickly litre, the printed circuit that carries existence loss board, approach of package of etc of perforation of be linked together by signal, one of most complex challenges that had made design personnel place be faced with. The end that Molex and Samtec begin cooperation is to roll out a kind electric with mechanical solution, the integrality that uses all sorts of advanced functions to improve signal, lengthen the transmission distance, screen result that improves electromagnetism interference, and improve thermal efficiency.

Vice president of solution career department holds Molex copper cable concurrently general manager Brian Hauge expresses: “ to facing the challenge of this one industry begin collaboration with Samtec, our Molex feels very excited. Molex and Samtec are in for market consign unique join solution respect has long history. Pass this cooperation, the compose that we predict these core technologies is built piece will provide a feasible platform for industry, the channel that is 112Gbps above speed provides support. ”

Samtec is in charge of the vice-president Brian Vicich of the project expressing: “ mixes other applying in data center facility, HPC respect, promote in stability all the time to the demand of taller data rate, this uses more advanced technology with respect to need. This agreement offerred necessary method to provide the flexibility on the framework for Samtec and Molex, and the innovation that realizes future inside whole industry. ”

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