– Keysight World 2018 | Leader of Shanghai join industry, explore forward position science and technology

On May 11, 2018, beijing —— is heart science and technology (NYSE: KEYS) announces to will come 6 days to hold plenary meeting of Keysight World 2018 at Shanghai on June 5. In spring tide of progress of economy of current whole world, the success of the enterprise cannot leave extraordinary inspiration, revolutionary technology, banner plan and the partner that spread all over the whole world. Study alone may bring accidental breakthrough, but more likelihoods are defect enchanted boundless and indistinct. Occasionally, casual listen hears the point of view of some big Ga, in communication of a certain circumstance and industry colleague, perhaps let your suddenly see the light, open that way that leads to a success for you. Accordingly, keysight World 2018 came!

Shanghai of be born of this Keysight World 2018, it is heart science and technology will share AI together with industry leader | 5G | The cloud | Silicon light | Quanta | Drive automatically | New energy resources | The each domain industry such as content couplet net and technical trend, discuss the core good technology that props up popular applying, be being revealed in the round is heart science and technology the newest achievement on relevant domain and direction and cooperative case.

Congress general at Shanghai Pudong fine in hall holds hotel Pudong shindig ceremoniously, the pound weighs to suffer inside course of study at the appointed time invite a honored guest to will make thematic presentation in congress:

·Chinese mobile academy is wireless place CTO Mr Liu Guangyi, share the road of the exploration of net of 5G NR independent group

·FormFactor CMO, ms. Amy Leong, unscramble the road that silicon light innovates

·Old Yu Ao teachs college of Chinese science and technology, lead forward position research, tell about new quanta revolution

·Net of Fuzhou content couplet opens lab president to vacate a doctor high, share the opportunity that industry of content couplet network expands and challenge from practice

In addition, come from connect high, senior technologist will be inside the numerous course of study such as college of Zhejiang university, Shanghai grain industry, Lierda in forum of divide into equal parts of technology of net of couplet of car of cloud of & of 5G, big data, intelligence and the sources of energy, content, forward position share point of view of industry pain spot and technology.

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