It is ministry of career of Ixia of heart science and technology roll out next generation network bypass to the market switching equipment

On May 3, 2018, beijing —— is company of heart science and technology (NYSE: KEYS) announces to roll out IBypass DUO of next generation bypass switching equipment now. Regard a banner technology as the company, it is heart science and technology provider of help enterprise, service and government innovate quickly, create the world of a safe interconnection. IBypass DUO offers two management port, can support 10G and 1G rate, it is OK to invite network safety group the online condition of tool of safety of the series connection in switch network, and won’t interrupt a network or cause sheet to nod breakdown.

Current business is facing countless networks problem, include taller data rate to fall increasingly the much agreement discharge of grow in quantity, safety that emerge in endlessly is minatory, and superintendency environment of Yan Ke. Detect and through deploy online and safe tool controls network flow, conduce to block breaking input menace, but these safe tools can let a network carry dimension becomes very complex at the same time, and the likelihood causes breakdown hidden trouble. If online tool becomes not usable, may bring about network link to disconnect, distinct effect network is normal run time, of disturbed business durative.

It is Kevin Formby of vice president of development of market of ministry of career of solution of Ixia of heart science and technology expresses: “ becomes increasingly complex as current network, have an insight into the monitoring circumstance of online deploy and security are crucial. Can maintain from beginning to end with crucial net yuan communication becomes it is important to be sent more, this is the reason ” that Ixia development achieves new-style bypass switching equipment and increased two management port for its.

Besides provide two management beyond port and supportive 10G and 1G rate, IBypass DUO still provides the following and distinctive function for the user:

·When online tool cuts off the power, can start breakdown “ to open ” or breakdown “ to shut ”—— discharge to continue to flow according to circumstance or, or stops flow

·Advocate equipment deploy is very convenient, in every network port but the circumstance of two tools port issues correspondence

The combination of product of more bypass switching equipment with Ixia is same, IBypass DUO has the following advantage:

·Use pull the GUI that put type, can configure a tool easily and reduce a mistake

·Supportive double work and advocate equipment configuration

·Provide the signal of safe tool heartbeat that defines beforehand, ensure undertake breakdown switch quickly

·Have exterior and independent framework, be helpful for undertaking multiple deploy, eliminate inside buy bypass switching equipment the weakness on the framework

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