It is ministry of career of Ixia of heart science and technology is rolled out can inspect a gender the solution is newest function, enhance the development that browbeats in the light of safety to have an insight into

On May 9, 2018, beijing —— is heart science and technology (NYSE: KEYS) rolls out solution of new fund Ixia, include facility of Vision ONE and transfer of bag of data of Vision 7300 network among them (NPB) and CloudLens Private(namely the Yun Ke of Ixia inspects a gender solution) wait for package, great the insight that strengthened pair of network menace. New function can identify network of baleful software, corpse, inbreak attempt, IP is hijacked and the activity such as network fishing. This increases can inspect sexual function to be offerred centrally in SecureStack function, this function collect is Ixia safety and the crucial component that can inspect sexual information to analyse frame.

In the menace that current business is in a network to atttack. Baleful software can pass a variety of means to enter a business, include the email, U that clicks baleful link, mobile equipment, employee to use dish, and inbreak to the physics of the network. Forecast according to Cyber Security Ventures, to 2019 end, blackmail software every 14 seconds can atttack an enterprise.

Application of Ixia of have the aid of and minatory information (the profundity with ATI) minatory to the network research center has an insight into, the Vision ONE of Ixia, Vision 7300 and CloudLens Private solution can provide the real time information about activity of the ill will on intranet sth resembling a net now. This makes the user need not throw a large number of cost in minatory information field, also improved efficiency at the same time. The user is OK Vision ONE of have the aid of, Vision 7300 or CloudLens Private identify menace and infection target easily, pass NetFlow to report automatically to existing safety and monitoring tool minatory information.

Ixia cloud service and Scott Register of vice president of safe product management express: “ is in the environment with current network increasingly serious menace, be aware safety is unusually crucial efficiently quickly. Ixia uses the research achievement of our ATI, enhanced Vision ONE and facility of transfer of bag of data of Vision 7300 network and CloudLens Private to be opposite significantly minatory insight, let an enterprise use single platform to be able to ensure safety, identify and solve the function problem in physics and fictitious infrastructure. ”

Vision ONE can resist the hidden in increasing close flow is minatory, detect attack of content couplet net, carry accurate data to correct appraisal solution, strengthen network protection thereby, and won’t produce negative effect to function. AppStack and SecureStack function make Ixia solution can filter with the flow that shows the 2nd goes to the 4th and the 7th application discharge, can label thereby and surveillant and doubtful applying, spot con application or unusual activity quickly, include to come and go at not the discharge of accredit district, doubtful file is transmitted, violent attack, blackmail software link, and fishing website join.

The NPB of Ixia Vision series and CloudLens Private can undertake be carryinged carrying monitoring to physics and fictitious network, its function is very agile, include discharge to gather together, filter, layer of safe dowel joint (SSL) is decoded with data desensitization, repeat delete, intelligent data includes management, still include to be used at management, analysis and the tool that protect network security.

Vision 7300 can is opposite the quantity of 2-4 laminar flow in the network that is as high as 100 GE and progression of the 7th application are occupied have a line fast, the 0 data that lose a bag wrap processing. It still can expand as the growth of network monitoring demand, appearing new applying or adaptability is made adjust when new security is minatory.

The communal cloud that CloudLens is Ixia, illicit says and mix Yun Ke to inspect sexual platform, aim to solve high in the clouds to turn the challenge that data visits subtly. It offers what company place needs to be able to inspect a gender, at the same time a variety of ” of as all as “ cloud, mixture cloud, cloud or any cloud strategy keep consistent. Illicit of CloudLens Private support says technology, and can be used, filter, processing and the discharge in operating cloud environment.

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