It is ministry of career of Ixia of heart science and technology and ReversingLabs enlarge minatory emulation evaluation to cover range hand in hand

On May 7, 2018, beijing —— is heart science and technology (NYSE: KEYS) announces now, it is ministry of career of Ixia of heart science and technology and ReversingLabs cooperate hand in hand, the application in will updating BreakingPoint everyday and minatory information (ATI) evaluates limits. Regard a banner technology as the company, it is heart science and technology provider of help enterprise, service and government innovate quickly, create the world of a safe interconnection. The enterprise can use photograph comparing to raise 20 multiple relevant and minatory vector before now, test and verify of more comprehensive ground its security situation, thereby utmost ground eliminates network safety hidden danger, easier ground resists network attack.

The serious degree of safe menace reached new peak 2017. According to Symantec 2018 year ” safe menace reports ” , in the past a year, add close money to dig the new minatory and ceaseless emerge in large numbers such as mine machine, the attack of new-style and baleful software such as such as WannaCry and Petya diffuses quickly. McAfee lab report points out, 2017 the 3rd quarter, per sec. can appear example of 4 new-style and baleful software.

ReversingLabs author holds CEO Mario Vuksan concurrently to express: “ can detect quickly and answer the minatory posture that evolves quickly at present, become than allowing when to be awaited before important. The cooperative effectively of we and Ixia confirms, the service of definitive file information of ReversingLabs can provide powerful support for distinctive solution, help client lasts, fast, efficient evaluate ” of its security situation.

Platform of Ixia BreakingPoint test can be emulated real normal flow, distributed decline a service (DDoS) attack, flaw uses attack, baleful software attack and vague test, make an user comprehensive the safe infrastructure of enterprise of test and verify. BreakingPoint still can offer the cloud to update a service, supportive company search, choice, installation, uninstall minatory file bag, thereby space of efficient management disk, and automation runs its safety to evaluate. In addition, brand-new menace wraps every workaday metropolis to update, can let an user check specific, relevant domain to be opposite the defense ability of newest attack, include finance, Medical Protection, retail, and data is collected with supervisory system (SCADA) .

Ixia product manages vice-president Sunil Kalidindi to express: “ enterprise must hour ready-made, resist increasingly violent network attack. We are honoured very can as cooperative as ReversingLabs, the evaluation of baleful software limits enlarged 20 times. Through emulating new-style attack, safe operation group can understand his to affect ” before new venture appears.

BreakingPoint ATI updates a service to face the BreakingPoint client that ordered ATI currently. All new clients also can use this function.

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