It is heart science and technology rolls out channel of first 28 GHz to measure a solution, the Japan that help strength’s banner mobile operation business begins 5G to study a project

On May 10, 2018, beijing —— is heart science and technology (NYSE: KEYS) announces to offer 28 GHz channel to measure a solution for NTT DOCOMO company, help its begin channel to explore research project. Regard a banner technology as the company, it is heart science and technology provider of help enterprise, service and government innovate quickly, create the world of a safe interconnection. NTT DOCOMO company is Japan’s banner mobile operation business.

Two companies had come to an agreement, begin channel of millimeter wave frequency to explore research jointly, development leaves system of generation 5G wireless communication. This project is the one part of this agreement.

Want token is new-style the interface in the sky of system of 5G wireless communication, must want to undertake 5G channel is explored. That is to say, when need measures method loss, power, delay distributing, reflection distributings with all sorts of be on the wane wait for parameter, include much general to strap frequency to move. This designs the 5G channel model of efficient stability with respect to need. Have the aid of is channel of 28 GHz 5G of heart science and technology explores solution and broadband MIMO data to capture technology, the engineer can measure horny latitude of emulsion and raise the resolution of much diameter parameter, and measure a frequency to decrease apparently.

Current high frequency channel explores what the project uses is the channel of 28 GHz 5G MIMO that is heart science and technology explores referenced solution. It is heart science and technology and NTT DOCOMO near future returned collaboration to develop a similar project, of research is 60 GHz secures frequency to use exemple. Its study achievement has been shared with 5G industry, the development that aims to quicken 5G and deploy (“ human body is in 67 GHz frequency paragraph medium scattering feature ” , ) of periodical of IEICE Transaction On Communications.

NTT DOCOMO studies lab 5G is wireless receive a net to study Yukihiko Okumura of career department chief expresses: We know very well “ , our need and dedicated the test at high frequency application and measure a provider to cooperate cheek by jowl, join forces develops the fundamental technology with 5G of test and verify. It is heart science and technology explores technical respect actual strength in 5G mobile channel abundant, rely on their technical support and professional technology, we can know the channel character of millimeter wave frequency, be in especially the characteristic ” in high speed travel.

It is Garret Lees of inspector general of solution career department represents business of operation of heart science and technology: “ is heart science and technology has advanced professional technology and solution in respect of millimeter wave frequency, for 5G industry development provided solid safeguard. Implement 5G project through cooperating with NTT DOCOMO, we can develop a key to test ability quickly, the understanding that helps the mobile ecosystem that expands increasingly deepen pair of 5G realizes innovation ” as early as possible.

About it is heart science and technology

It is heart science and technology (NYSE: KEYS) is a lead technical company, devote oneself to to help engineering group, enterprise and service provider client quicken innovation, create the world of a safe interconnection. Emulate from the design, archetypal test and verify, production checks network He Yunhuan of the condition optimize, it is heart science and technology offerred all-around test and analytic solution, help client development optimizes a network, promote its electron product with lower cost, faster ground then to the market. Our client pervades global communication ecosystem, aerospace and national defence, car, the sources of energy, semiconductor and market of general electron terminal. 2017 money year, it is income of heart science and technology amounts to 3.2 billion dollar. In April 2017, it is heart science and technology those who finish pair of Ixia buy. Ixia company has very abundant actual strength in network test, visibility and safe solution domain.

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