It is heart science and technology and Qualcomm (connect high) quicken thousand LTE innovation hand in hand, make 2 Gbps download speed

On May 16, 2018, beijing —— is heart science and technology (NYSE: KEYS) announces the subsidiary Qualcomm Technologies Inc with Qualcomm Incorporated. Cooperate, using is tool of research and development of agreement of 5G of heart science and technology set be based on Qualcomm with Qualcomm Technologies company®Brave dragon™The smartphone of X24 LTE modem tests equipment, realized 2Gbps LTE data successfully to download rate. It is the technical company that heart science and technology precedes as, aim to help provider of enterprise, service and government quicken innovation, create the world of a safe interconnection.

It is tool of research and development of agreement of 5G of heart science and technology is covered it is the outstanding 5G agreement inside course of study test solution. Serving as complete set is the main tool in emulation solution of network of heart science and technology, it is used without seamed radio frequency (RF) and consultative test flow, make chip set and manufacturer of parts of an apparatus OK use single solution, in the light of 4G newest standard is mixed the 5G standard of gradual progress, undertake more efficiently develop and checking the work.

In newest 3GPP technology standard, thousand class LTE is returned to be UE Cat 20 kind. This second 2Gbps LTE carries group data of 20 independent LTE flows be able to come true, still used newest 4×4 MIMO and modulation encode technology at the same time. Thousand LTE is deploy 5G network is important one pace, conduce to mobile operation business satisfying the data requirement of constant growth, roll out buildup mobile broadband then (EMBB) business.

It is Lucas Hansen of senior inspector general represents 5G of heart science and technology and wireless career department, we have “ the new facility that a lot of clients are intensifying rolling out supportive 5G and LTE network. Accordingly, it is very important to them that comprehensive and advanced LTE capacity increases in testing program. Now, depend on this single solution, they not only obtain outstanding 4G and 5G test capability, still dissolved a group to flow becomes independent each other and be deficient in coherent malpractice, make the test environment with an efficient economy successfully. ”

It is the solution of research and development with heart powerful science and technology bring development for chip set and manufacturer of parts of an apparatus have an insight into analytic ability, make they are in the process that extends new technology, can ground of do a job with skill and ease undertakes analyse and be debugginged to the character of its 4G/5G modem. Last year, it is heart science and technology takes the lead in rolling out 5G new eat dishes without rice or wine (NR) network emulates a solution. Use this solution, it is heart science and technology and Qualcomm Technologies 2018 the world moves connection of 4Gbps 5G data was revealed jointly on congress.

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