Industry passes circle of brilliant of Intel urgent Buddhist templeput on the brakes acting industry Wu, semiconductor bully course of study board piece displacement shortly

Just announced Cheng of 10 pay the metric system jumps again ticket, the Intel that the quantity produced 2019 comes after will be being delayed had shock news again. Latter industry comes out continuously, in the past since a few months, door of acting the Ministry of Works in feudal China of Intel brilliant circle accepts the order to step on brake —— greatly this lets industry be extremely puzzled: Is “ Intel not to think generation of circle playing brilliant was versed in? ”

In fact, this is not Intel first time reduce or fade out of brilliant circle acting industry Wu, past Intel ever had had similar precedent, in oneself product shipment is produced can when demand is critical, of politic sex reduce order of Wu of brilliant circle acting industry. But notable is, differ this with the past apparently.

Because, a few months came in the past, intel centre of gravity changes direction to for interior oneself product production is made apparently, and decrease to carry on external continuously order of brilliant circle acting labour, among them many evidence are pointed to, intel fades the likelihood Wu of acting industry of global brilliant circle stage by stage, and this to global industry character is a super bomb that weigh a pound undoubtedly.

And if Intel fades really, even is to exit brilliant circle acting industry Wu, a lot of people can think of the object that be benefited is stage accumulating report the first times probably, but look in Mr DT, samSung just is the biggest person that be benefited probably, and the tremendous turn that affects from this, it is domestic semiconductor industry absolutely must preoccupied the key that stares at closely.

If Intel fades out of acting labor market stage by stage really, originally situation of 3 powerful tripartite balance of forces will evolve into stage accumulating report, Intel, SamSung to be opposite for Shuang Xiong definitely, if domestic company is medium semiconductor of core international, China rainbow must enhance oneself actual strength, rouse oneself to catch up as soon as possible, ability is in this one industry board piece in move, capture up the opportunity with vacant fill vacancies in the proper order.

Cheng of the metric system of problem of processor safety flaw, 10 pay jumps for many times ticket, intel frequency encounters bottleneck

Intel is worth eventful autumn, besides erupt problem of processor safety flaw, the plan of Cheng of 10 pay the metric system of newest generation also is deferred again and again, be apart from the generation on 2014 of 14 accept rice roll out, had been the thing 4 years ago, stage of comparative and main competitor accumulates report, SamSung to had entered cut and thrust of 7 accept rice, this is right all along prideful at global semiconductor overlord, and the technology precedes at least competitor Intel of 3 years, this is apparently extremely blazing bottleneck ans outpost of the tax office.

The ability 3 years ago knocks gong feel uncertain to want return brilliant circle the Intel of acting industry industry, let a stage accumulate electric general Intel, SamSung for a time analogy of two big strong opponent is “ ” of 700 pounds gorilla, nevertheless, all these had the change that peak loop turns. Intel from this year rise first, decrease considerably external brilliant circle acting labour accepts the order, like that this is provisionality fade? Or be permanent decision? Do not have the answer at present.

Industry passes circle of brilliant of Intel urgent Buddhist templeput on the brakes acting industry Wu,

In semiconductor domain all-powerful the Intel of half century, the time that why spent 10 years marchs market of brilliant circle acting labor, is in the end final may be a dream only however? Mr DT thinks to two big factors are worth to pay close attention to.

Immediate cause is the technology that make Cheng all the time the be a burden on of defer. Intel just announced 10 accept rice wants to be delayed to 2019 a few days ago, the generation on the distance of 14 accept rice roll out, had been the thing 4 years ago, this industry is the slowest also be average advance a generation that make Cheng two years second, intel what this technology is late is too exaggerative.

Although Intel once announcement is declared, its the 10 accept rice that 14 accept rice is equivalent to a competitor, the stage accumulates report 16 accept cop of Mi Yijing body is wide will look is 19 accept rice, 7 accept rice actually be equal at Intel 13 accept rice, like that anyhow, samSung and stage accumulate report to had wanted a quantity to produce 7 accept rice now, and Intel is with the technology distance of 3 years is banner adversary former days proud, this, the technical bottleneck of Intel, more and more difficult explanation must go.

Good people of 10 accept rice leads Intel inextricability, bring about have 14 accept rice and 22 accept rice to produce can serious inadequacy, cannot satisfy the requirement of exterior client at all, produce repeatedly can insufficient, how the side accepts the acting industry business of exterior client?

Industry passes circle of brilliant of Intel urgent Buddhist templeput on the brakes acting industry Wu,

Cheng of 10 pay the metric system encounters graph Piao Intel bottleneck

Moreover, intel exploded a few days ago a problem of major processor safety flaw, handling center of crisis of American computer network suggests the user had better change even the processor that suffers an effect, this may let in the near future one changes machine tide to happen, intel is in advocate on trade processor business, the product that produces oneself solely is not done possibly, which still have leisurely and carefree mood to receive acting labour order.

Lack serves recognizant culture, be destined the brilliant circle of Intel is acting industrial Wu 10 years of all in vain

The remote cause that the brilliant circle acting industry of Intel cannot succeed, zhangzhong of president of stage accumulating report seeks Ceng Yiyu point out. He is analysed, the product that Intel makes him (processor) very fierce, acting labour of Dan Jing circle is to should help others make a product, must want to have the spirit that serves others and culture, er of Dan Ying spy can serve him only, won’t serve others.

The personage inside the industry is analysed, intel ranks number one place all along in semiconductor domain, no matter be technology, product all like that, in computer age with respect to sweep anything away 1000 army, do not force AMD to hopeless situation, just also want to absolve the misgive of a few antitrust, it is to hit the world not to have adversary at all otherwise, because of this state of mind all the time very prideful.

Industry passes circle of brilliant of Intel urgent Buddhist templeput on the brakes acting industry Wu,

When the product that sells oneself, “ self-confident ” is one kind adds cent, but the labour that make generation must be to often want stoop waist to come however, the acting labour that expectation people will come use oneself is produced can, technology, want to serve demand of others, contented client, this bit, it is the biggest weak sports of Intel.

Unluckily, dominant Intel the person of Wu of brilliant circle acting industry, it is old Intel one’s previous experience, in one’s heart is having inherent air of arrogance, tell white, know the real intention that brilliant circle generation is versed in far from namely, it is a bit clearer to tell, it is Intel did not search to come to the person at all dominant brilliant circle is acting industrial Wu, won’t succeed so.

Resemble the overmatch with so self-confident Intel, also won’t be willing naturally to borrow outwards will, accordingly, the talent that all along hears an Intel of put sb in a very important position of the conference that accumulate report only in order to learn its special skill, dan Yiying is special the attitude that Er stands high above the masses, it is the person that won’t dig a stage actively to accumulate report will learn brilliant circle the secret of acting industry Wu.

Nevertheless, it is Intel encounters too much challenge really recently probably, also began to dig horn a few days ago other the talent of big plant, search to once held a post in AMD, found new job 2016 the JimKeller of tesla, the personage inside the industry thinks this is good begin, prospective Intel has an opportunity a large number of reinstate are exterior talent, change blood for the company further, quicken metabolism.

Industry passes circle of brilliant of Intel urgent Buddhist templeput on the brakes acting industry Wu,

  of graph Piao JimKeller

Actually, intel opens Wu of brilliant circle acting industry is 2008, but come 10 this years, regard this business as all the time avocation will manage, or it is to regard as him processor advocate the adjustment of course of study amortize, to Intel character, brilliant circle acting labour has its strategy value probably, but be not considered as main core from beginning to end however, and the difference that goes up because of such state of mind just about probably, generation of Intel brilliant circle is versed in business does not have too good performance. Arrive 3 years all the time before, intel once more do sth on a large scale announces to want to march seriously field of brilliant circle acting labor.

Intel and the collaboration that exhibit dispatch Ceng Hong of rice of two 14 accept is moved temporarily, LG however is be murdered miserable?

Client of acting labour of what brilliant circle does Intel have after all? Its oldest ally, exhibit dispatch when what belong to division of violet smooth group to fall, and LG of big plant of Korea mobile phone.

Intel is in go two years, in succession with the collaboration that exhibit dispatch the product of Cheng of the metric system of two 14 pay, this forms an alliance be being regarded as is Intel marchs Asian brilliant circle is acting of labor field important one battle, also be to exhibit dispatch to march the touchstone of high-end product, and here among them, because Intel already was investing before,also exhibit dispatch, form an alliance with this the intention of secondary attack gang war comparatives apparent.

If mention Intel,10 accept rice jumps again and again the ticket has what victim, must carry LG. The processor of mobile phone of 10 accept rice of LG chooses to cooperate with Intel finally, not only investment is huge endowment, and one bad news is two years, but jump all the time because of the 10 accept rice of Intel ticket, final LG capital is burned, be forced to abandon this plan, those who let LG is self-restrained processor branch vigour is hurt greatly.

Industry passes circle of brilliant of Intel urgent Buddhist templeput on the brakes acting industry Wu,

Additional, the brilliant circle generation of Intel is versed in the client still has FPGA supplier Achronix, and the Altera of FPGA big plant that has been bought by Intel.

Although Intel reduces brilliant circle considerably of acting labour client accept the order, but still be to carry on continuously the product inside him interior and group, wait like fundamental frequency chip, like that this is politic, affected a stage to accumulate report secondhand however.

Although in brilliant circle era is versed in the domain is a competitor,Intel and stage accumulate report, er of Dan Ying spy also is an one of big clients that accumulate report, accumulate report to hold a knife to produce by the stage namely like the fundamental frequency chip that is him Intel, this bit of concern is very delicate, him Intel has a technology, have produce can, but some products still are to should give competitor production.

If Intel fades out of domain of brilliant circle acting labour, long-term the biggest person that be benefited is stage of SamSung and rather than accumulates report

If Intel exits field of brilliant circle acting labor, short-term will see the person that be benefited is stage accumulating report and SamSung, become from 3 strong fight closely both confront each other, look for a long time like that, this situation fears letting SamSung be versed in in brilliant circle generation the domain has make great opportunity, then the actual strength of domain of semiconductor of aggrandizement whole world, go against a stage to accumulate report.

Industry passes circle of brilliant of Intel urgent Buddhist templeput on the brakes acting industry Wu,

However, can’t bear character the most painstakingly, it is a lot of chip design firms absolutely, the vendor that future wants to be faced with high end make Cheng the corner with smaller and smaller capacity of less and less, bargain, more painful is, a lot of chip design a company to may want to be forced to seek SamSung cooperation.

The chip design company that has dimensions a bit takes the place of besides main brilliant circle factory, regular meeting seeks the 2nd supplier, normally main brilliant circle acting plant is stage accumulating report, before the part of the 2nd supplier is couplet report, but couplet report has not spelled high end to make Cheng, go up a few this years by fill vacancies in the proper order of SamSung, Intel, GlobalFoundries accordingly part of the 2nd supplier.

Want, the high end that the whole world puts only makes Cheng supplier accumulate report besides the stage, remain SamSung, Intel, GlobalFoundries to be able to be supplied only, intel did not play now, globalFoundries often policy changes will change go making a client afraid, have a technology exclusively, have produce can, the acting plant that makes Cheng remains SamSung only, the client is potential finally by force of but blame go Korea is cast piece cannot, this waits to let a lot of chip plants be in a dilemma then.

Industry passes circle of brilliant of Intel urgent Buddhist templeput on the brakes acting industry Wu,

  of graph Piao GlobalFoundries

Moreover, intel, GlobalFoundries these two semiconductor big plants, the state of mind of field of acting labor of management brilliant circle, won’t want to grab bibcock. Because be opposite for Intel, brunt business still is the processor product of oneself, brilliant circle generation is versed in business is to pick a client, seek target of specific politic sex collaboration only, and GlobalFoundries does not want to grab bibcock, actually with want not to want to do not have a relation, the difference that goes up because of congenital actual strength however.

But SamSung is different, samSung is what one does to want to spell premier company, no matter memory, shine put, face plate, mobile phone, TV is entirely in order to make the world the first for the target, accordingly, who can believe brandish of SamSung do sth on a large scale industry of acting industry of army brilliant circle, after can be on a stage to accumulate report readily.

But also fade out of brilliant circle when Intel after acting labor field, be equal to is a lot of clients little the supplier of technology of a high end, be forced to look for SamSung to do acting work finally, accordingly, this situation is short-term benefit accumulates report, SamSung at the stage two, like that long-term and character, can be helpful for SamSung asking semiconductor of vessel whole world bibcock only, to stage accumulating report is adverse.

Domestic semiconductor company must promote actual strength as soon as possible, fill vacancies in the proper order of upgrade of ability control opportunity is vacant domain

But company of semiconductor of this pair of home, it is a chance. War situation is before, the opportunity is before, skill of acting work of numerous client need mixes future produce can, semiconductor plant of home more beard as soon as possible rouse oneself to catch up, semiconductor of international of the core in including, China rainbow, promote oneself actual strength ceaselessly only, the industrial position that lets oneself all the time forth move moves, ability is when opportunity advent, face an one foot to fill go up.

Industry passes circle of brilliant of Intel urgent Buddhist templeput on the brakes acting industry Wu,

How can you succeed in order to draw lessons from stage accumulating report, SamSung probably? Besides the service client spirit of the rigorous company culture, technology that seeks essence of life to enter ceaselessly, deep ploughing, come a few this years stage accumulating report swings the competitor far, with one action takes next whole worlds 6 occupy into city rate, have a recipe actually.

Of stage accumulating report make Cheng (Process) group capability is very strong, outside branch of DTP(Design Technology Platform) of platform of technology of the ability that develops besides basic skill technology, design, the OIP(Open Innovation Platform) of platform of open mode innovation of original creation also is the secret weapon that involves peak.

And the ability making Cheng of SamSung and design capability are very strong, the ability that make Cheng and stage accumulate report to be about the same, designing ability respect, because him SamSung can do a product to be like oneself processor Exynox, because the stage of design ability prep above of this SamSung accumulates report, this also is SamSung can take the place of in brilliant circle the reason that labor field comes forward quickly.

Will see domestic semiconductor from afore-mentioned key the footstep of big plant, besides be like the advanced technology that make Cheng very actively 28 accept rice, 14 accept rice, 10 accept rice is done outside, have a group of the ability that make Cheng, and aggrandizement of design ability group? Find right talented person to make good essential technique, ability goes firmly far, these seeing be like is detail, it is very important key however.

Resembling is medium core international very the design technology platform that is short of similar stage to accumulate report (DTP) whole group, inside reason also is this kind talent must dig horn with high pay, fund fails go down, the talent can come, this is changeless iron rule, of home China be is very good example.

Industry passes circle of brilliant of Intel urgent Buddhist templeput on the brakes acting industry Wu,

The semiconductor actual strength of Intel still is very firm, but it is apparently directly cannot lightsome the elephant that has dance, because make Cheng rate of progress newly repeatedly,jump ceaselessly ticket. Although this does not affect every generation to promote the efficiency that gives processor newly, but should not be enterprise of a bibcock however some this water the Huaihe River.

This, intel regards Wu of brilliant circle acting industry as again advocate the adjuster of course of study, produce can be critical fear fading gradually, if which days of Intel wants to take the place of at brilliant circle again,labor field exhibits skill greatly, external when appeal client, which client still dare support with all one’s strength? The most important is, such development, bury next Korea semiconductor force to sit big seed, affect industry of acting industry of global brilliant circle board piece displacement, intel has his own wishful thinking probably, but how could of affairs of human life all is like person meaning, some things are also answer again really did not go.

The window of the opportunity of industry of acting industry of global brilliant circle, look once more be about to open, industry of semiconductor of this pair of home, will be a chance that must hold, by the opportunity that great change turn creates, the crucial brushstroke that is adapting history.

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