IC manufacturer cuts a car to use chip new La Hai

Car science and technology is in centre of gravity of industrial growing trend, electric car, drive oneself wait for start off, future of industry of the semiconductor since the situation belt that the car is growing with multiple with the electron grows 10 years, and at present the car is the world of international big plant more with chip, IC design firm also is searched in Lahai gradually business chance, include couplet to send division, luck to sunlight, report of Quan of flourishing of Ling Yang, force, Wei, couplet outstanding, lean strong, accumulate wait to cut new La Hai in succession, increase with chip amount as the car, benefit is shown gradually.

Forecast according to IHS Automotive, popularize degree to lift increasingly as what drive oneself, to 2035, those who have fixed rate is automatic drive the car will increase to 2, 1 million or so, among them the United States can have 4.5 million about. And at present new interior included the car that leave factory to exceed 6, 000 semiconductor product, as the car more and more the progressively electron that inverter of intelligence and management of such as batteries, drawing, car holds the car part such as charger and DC/DC converter is changed, this data still will continue to grow considerably.

And DIGITIMES Research statistic, beforehand appraise came 2016 global car used semiconductor market 2018 year compound the level that growing rate amounts to 6.2% above, and 2018 global car uses semiconductor market dimensions to will amount to 34 billion dollar. Prospective car front is more energy-saving environmental protection, safer and more reliable under, the car is met only with chip amount more and more increase.

IC manufacturer cuts a car to use chip new La Hai

At present distribution vehicle uses a field, send division footstep with couplet the fastest, product line is most complete, vehicle of lucky sunlighting investment controls chip and shadow of 3D annulus scene to wait for a product like systematic odd chip with aether, among them aether control chip sunlights for luck the most professional part, for bibcock of 10/100Gb aether chip, pass client attestation smoothly already and guide design, anticipate second half of the year begins to the limit of one’s capacity.

Ling Yang cuts ADAS chip not to have blind angle photography and function of driveway deviate caution, the market is held after infiltrating successfully already at present. Wei Quan report cuts car annulus to measure video chip, roll out ADAS chip with international car plant, have back a car radar diagnoses the function with car video end. Accumulate cut a car to use read the lamp, adornment lamp and car taillight to wait, in using attestation of 0 component supplier with car of European much home.

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