How does Zhejiang breed group of modes of life and relation to their environment of own chip industry to realize homebred core to be broken through in the round?

“ wants to establish the core competition ability of homebred chip, own industry must be built to zoology encircles; and be in Zhejiang in home, completely such soil gives aid to the chip of content couplet net is designed, make the ecology group with application. ”

Yesterday, on the Hangzhou business big lecture room that sponsors by Hangzhou city business association, professor Yu Faxin represents director of alliance of industry of radio frequency of millimeter wave of microwave of province of director of institute of project of electron of Zhejiang university spaceflight, Zhejiang, oneself hold upbeat mood to foreground of homebred chip industry, resurgence incident or the new turning point that make homebred chip industry be broken through in the round.

Civilian mouth is homebred chip is backward two generation of foreign

Excessive depending on foreign technology is crucial point

Basis ” current situation of industry of Chinese integrated circuit was analysed 2017 ” , homebred chip is in civilian mouth basically teenage period, in system of all of computer science department, general electron, communication device of equipment, memory, show the 16 core integrated circuit that reachs video system to go up, the homebred chip of 9 core integrated circuit is had rate for 0, have rate is top also do not pass 22% . With abroad the most advanced chip technology photograph is compared, domestic technology is backward and more than two generation.

Yu Faxin is analysed, from the point of external environment, the matter that limits development of Chinese semiconductor industry depends on forestall of technical block of abroad and patent, US-led 40 members country signs ” agreement of tile dark offer ” as ” cling to all agreement ” successor, continued the contraband policy to China. From the point of interior, because integrated circuit course is complex, cycle of research and development is long, be not domain of popular obtain employment again, high-end talent prediction of a person’s luck in a given year is serious; and industrial group to seek short-term profit, choose to use abroad mostly existing chip and fundamental software research and development are overall, a large number of chip need to count an import, increase the eager for quick success and instant benefit that capital encircles, bring about the aggravation of whole industry modes of life and relation to their environment.

3-5 of firm of “ chip design year just give a product, 8-10 year just generate profit, this is very general inside the industry, cannot in order to breed period income scale goes measuring its long-dated value, capital market should evaluate a system to give to value of core chip industry tilt. ” Yu Faxin thinks, fundamental core chip is national industry is propped up, the country should publish code policy guides downstream and overall applying to the unit chooses and support chip of homebred foundation core, offer the more application trial and error, opportunity that improves user experience for homebred chip.

Army mouth is homebred self-sufficient rate is close to chip 80%

Industrial group must learn ” of “ walking on two legs

The reporter understands, integrated circuit of radio frequency of microwave millimeter wave regards the core that supports system of contemporary and high frequency electron as parts of an apparatus, apply extensively at battle of net of couplet of civil mobile, content, electron, photograph to dominate the many fields such as communication of a radar, military affairs, address weapon, but technology of key of this one core all the time by forestall of place of the United States, Japan.

Yu Faxin says in the spot, zhejiang saves the goal that alliance of industry of radio frequency of microwave millimeter wave establishs, want to make the chain of industry of radio frequency chip that can control independently thoroughly just about, with the international that masters independently technology of advanced radio frequency chip is fulcrum, lower chip cost and price substantially. Last year, achievement of development hi-tech equipment exhibits the confluence of the army and the people that office of confluence of centrally the army and the people sponsors in, alliance of industry of radio frequency of millimeter wave of Zhejiang province microwave and other 9 technologies achievement together ” of self-confidence of strategy of selected “ country, nation 10 big gain.

Photograph of as homebred as civilian mouth chip compares “ , the development that homebred chip passes army mouth 20 years, self-sufficient rate is already adjacent 80% , the difference of the chip of microwave millimeter wave of our research and development and foreign chip is not accordingly big, can conform very quickly international level. ” draws lessons from army mouth the development experience of homebred chip, yu Faxin thinks, want industrial group to change “ to make not as wrong as what buy ” sense only, in core yuan on parts of an apparatus self-made, realize ” of “ walking on two legs, the new phase that homebred chip also will greet civilian mouth to be broken through in the round.

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