Government of chip of main position research and development responds to division force: Specific details is uncertain

According to CCTV the report says, dong Mingzhu is being accepted when interviewing, express, although do not share out bonus this year, the rate of average share out bonus of division power electric equipment also was achieved 44% , division force should develop for a long time continuously, but must master core technology. The core technology that Dong Mingzhu says, it is chip.

About the specific details of career of division force chip, is mixing his in-house and relevant section is in charge of or buy science and technology kind company special research and development? The personage expresses to finance and economics of cause and effect related division force, uncertain still. And the chip of research and development is to be aimed at air conditioning at present.

The report says, to throwing chip of financing research and development, division force also sufferred doubt, dong Mingzhu is responded to, even if “ invests 50 billion, division force also should study chip to succeed. Become us to be able to master chip, and a day that when we can obtain high-end chip, we can serve the whole world. ”

Division force is main chip of position research and development

According to division force money newspaper showed 2017, the scale that income of business of its air conditioning takes integral income is achieved 83% , life electric equipment, intelligence equips to occupy total battalion to close respectively 1.55% , 1.43% , air conditioning business still is his main income source.

The chip that Dong Mingzhu says, with resurgence, China requiring chip to wait for communication industry place is distinguishing. The industry observes domestic Liang Zhenpeng expresses to finance and economics of cause and effect, of division force advocate course of study is to make air conditioning product, although Gelike produces compressor with oneself now, but the component of a core that compressor is advanced position of air conditioning industry only. “ besides compressor, in air conditioning industry, especially now is frequency conversion air conditioning, dominate the chip of frequency conversion air conditioning, in China very rare business can be done, most enterprise still is to abroad the enterprise is purchased. ”

The chip that the place of frequency conversion air conditioning of division force uses, also basically be from foreign capital enterprise, abroad enterprise is purchased. Liang Zhenpeng thinks, the chip technology content that controls frequency conversion air conditioning is very tall actually.

Beginning the distribution of domain of chip of hand air conditioning now to division force, liang Zhenpeng expresses is necessary, but very big to its challenge difficulty. It is to satisfy the requirement that component of core of advanced position of industry of oneself air conditioning purchases above all, the; that and such doing also is give no cause for more criticism next, case master piece adjusts aircraft company to go for nothing for chip of research and development, it is from oneself industry safety angle considers, if avoid occurrence resurgence to be broken because of be faced with communication industry chip to be short of, be brought about similar the happening of this kind passive situation.

But in home appliance expert Liu Buchen looks, the enterprise wants to make chip research and development, need the configuration of systematic program, talent not only, still need the investment of ability of powerful research and development and fund of huge research and development. And resemble China to have capacity of research and development so, and year investment of research and development can be in the enterprise of above of 12 billion dollar, more reasonable to the configuration of social natural resources.

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