Global strategy layout is fruitful Toshiba elevator appears on WEE to achieve science and technology new tall

Since Toshiba group declared distribution of market of reforming whole world in November 2017, toshiba is endowed with with new and high science and technology all the time can the industry grows, calculate in net of couplet of energy resources of social infrastructure, power, artificial intelligence, content, cloud, nobody drive the innovation that waits for multinomial domain to be technology of world science and technology provides powerful support and power.

Recently, toshiba elevator carries artificial intelligence of system of door of intelligence of pattern recognition of Smart Door AI, GA2000-RTS AI solution of technology of net of couplet of content of IoT of elevator of system of Lou Yuqun management, Toshiba and numerous innovation product appear on exhibition of China International elevator in the round (WEE) , its are wonderful what the expression that fix eyes upon won industry inside and outside is consistent reputably. Of this Toshiba wonderful appeared to reveal Toshiba elevator adequately in elevator the innovation concept of domain of sophisticated science and technology is mixed achievement of plentiful and substantial, the abidance that is elevator industry develops infuse new power.

Global strategy layout is fruitful Toshiba elevator appears on WEE to achieve science and technology new tall

(WEE Toshiba elevator exhibits an area to draw numerous attention)

“ achieves your place to want, ” of arrival of elevator AI times is Toshiba elevator extends the theme that go up in current elevator. Toshiba elevator devotes oneself to the research and development of product of safe high quality elevator to make from beginning to end, by right of its rich experience reachs core elevator science and technology, derive Toshiba designs the technology of the domain such as production technology to accumulate in technology of net of IoT content couplet, AI artificial intelligence technology, chip, take the lead in research and development gives more efficient, safer, more comfortable intelligent elevator device, the efficient and more safe and comfortable, energy-saving elevator science and technology that makes people ceaseless go after becomes a possibility.

Global strategy layout is fruitful Toshiba elevator appears on WEE to achieve science and technology new tall

(Staff member spot explains Toshiba elevator advanced science and technology)
Global strategy layout is fruitful Toshiba elevator appears on WEE to achieve science and technology new tall

(Technology of Toshiba elevator pattern recognition is conspicuous)

In recent years, new global market and development environment posed different challenge to company strategy layout. To this, toshiba also is adjusting business way actively, market of integral layout whole world. According to global tendency of the market and demand, toshiba manages concentration resource, infrastructure of key development society, the sources of energy, electron yuan solution of number of parts of an apparatus, ICT domain of career of 4 big focal points.

The city that accompanying Chinese etc developing country changes a process to be accelerated increasingly, accordingly, urban population increases increasingly, land natural resources is nervous with each passing day also. Be aimed at hereat, toshiba sends force continuously, in social infrastructure respect custom-built omnibus solution, with period the technical safeguard that provides on the safe side for construction of each country foundation.

In the meantime, develop as social height, the demand to clean the sources of energy also is in each country to grow increasingly. Toshiba innovates energy technology actively, do one’s best brings more clean the sources of energy for the world, make a cleaner, safer world for the mankind.

Erupted greatly 2017 from artificial intelligence since, toshiba extends wave actively with set out, depend on the complete research group that already had and solid research experience, the distribution of early days of estate of artificial intelligence zoology that begins when tide of AI technology first time with as soon as possible, with social infrastructure construction, the sources of energy, electron yuan layout of 4 respects strategy is parts of an apparatus and ICT number solution foundation, technology letting AI popularizes the square field surface of the life, also give future the world at the same time a few more accumulate.

Brand-new layout, brand-new concept, also lead the world brand-new development. The technical gene of 140 one’s remaining years gifts Toshiba the mission that enterprise of this old brand creates future with the technology, will continue in prospective Toshiba encourage act vigorously is entered, do one’s best joins with the technology person and content, join reality and future.

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