Fuji health also should expand semiconductor business or build plants of two 12 inches of chip

Recently, the American government sale to resurgence communication ban, caused Chinese public opinion to discuss ardently of the industry to semiconductor, chip industry promotes stage by stage to the importance of domain of science and technology. According to Taiwan media latest news, group of Kang Ji of Fuji of business of the biggest acting project also prepares the whole world to expand semiconductor business energetically, adjusted company framework recently, prepare to build large chip plant.

Fuji health know for environment place, basically be the acting factory of the electronic product such as malic mobile phone, technical content is very finite. Nowadays, as malic electron product the sale appears wave motion and acting industry gain are small like bit, group of Fuji Kang Ji prepares transition to be to have the company with technical content and higher profit margin more.

Fuji health also should expand semiconductor business or build plants of two 12 inches of chip

Reported on May 4 according to Taiwan website, fuji Kang Ji is round (adjust a framework what Taiwan business substance says recently for ”) of group of “ grand sea, established round ” of subclass of semiconductor of a “ , the controller of this business group is Yong Liu, he also is the directorate member of company of general of summer of the Japan below Fuji Kang Qi at the same time.

In global semiconductor industry, group of Fuji Kang Ji is a platoon do not go up the enterprise of date. And be in Taiwan area, the stage accumulates report to had expanded the company of semiconductor acting industry that becomes a whole world to hold half market share, caused antitrust to be anxious even, the business of semiconductor acting industry that additionally couplet China electron also is old brand.

Say according to message personage, group of Fuji Kang Ji owns a few subsidiary that concern with semiconductor at present, future heads group of attributive semiconductor business, these subsidiary include company of science and technology of integrated circuit of company of science and technology of Foxsemicon integrated circuit, Shunsin Technology, Fitipower.

Among them, foxsemicon basically produces a few production equipment of semiconductor, shunsin is enterprise of back end of a semiconductor, product of responsible system module is enclosed, fitipower is firm of design of a chip, liquid crystal of main research and development shows screen drive chip.

Message personage says, fuji health the production segment that still prepares to enter semiconductor, had asked semiconductor business group spreads out to study about the feasibility that builds plants of two 12 inches of chip.

12 inches show is the diameter of the circle of raw material brilliant that semiconductor makes, brilliant round measure is more expensive, semiconductor production efficiency is taller, cost is lower also.

Design photograph comparing with chip nevertheless, the production of chip is the project with a huge cost, build a factory to need to invest the capital of about a hundred 100 million dollars not only, and in semiconductor workmanship respect, the manufacturer also needs to accumulate a technology, build talent team.

In global market, the electron of stage accumulating report, SamSung, Intel company that has chip to make professional work, be in every year roll out a line wide smaller craft, for instance 10 accept rice, 7 accept rice, connect apple, high in order to contend for, China the manufacturing order form that designs a company to wait for chip.

The field is created in semiconductor, regard the Fuji of new personality as health group, face huge technical inferior position undoubtedly.

Before this, fuji Kang Ji is round once the Shan Cunxin that contest buys Japanese Toshiba company piece business, but sufferred fail. Health newspaper gave Fuji the price of capital of favour of shellfish of prep above United States, but the United States and Japanese government do not want Toshiba company’s preeminent semiconductor technology (Toshiba hair palpability shines put) in falling into hand of company of a China.

Level is bought in contest, tai Ming of Guo of person of health palm door also is opposite Fuji the contest of business of Toshiba of element be involved in that is not commerce is bought expressed dissatisfaction.

Final, the Bain capital combine that company of beautiful day Han establishs 18 billion dollar bought denounce endowment Toshiba shines put chip business, but at this late hour, chinese antitrust branch have not make the written reply to a subordinate body of examine and verify that whether agrees.

Message personage expresses, although contest buys come a howler of Toshiba semiconductor business, but Fuji health not the dream of semiconductor of development of throw the helve after the hatchet.

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