Forum of media of ICT of China of year of the 7th EEVIA rings down the curtain satisfactorily

On April 11, 2018, forum of media of ICT of China of year of the 7th EEVIA and 2018 industries and technology look into a seminar to ring down the curtain satisfactorily in Shenzhen, come from Ying Feiling, NI, Qorvo, ADI and Fuji to connect wait for the whole world to precede the expert of semiconductor manufacturer checks around millimeter wave radar, 5G, the heat topic spot that the many equipment such as power source management and memory get attention published a theme to make a speech, spread out to discuss with staff of spot engineer, media.

Ying Feiling: Millimeter wave radar explores interactive new possibility

Artificial intelligence is current most one of topics that get attention, interactive mode also is in its go-between machine to update gradual progress ceaselessly, and radio frequency of area of big China of source control of Ying Feiling report and ministry of diversity market facilities and Mai Zhengji of sensor department inspector general think future passes millimeter wave to come true interactive the key that will be market development. He says: “ is in domain of millimeter wave radar, scotoma is diagnosed (the market of one big application that BSD) is rapid growth at present, car of current main attack carries a territory. According to statistic, 218 million sensor application were diagnosed in scotoma 2017 (on BSD) , the market rises greatly to the demand of millimeter wave radar. As the promotion of product maturity and competition ability, we predict millimeter wave radar to be able to enter development after 2020 gold period. ”

Forum of media of ICT of China of year of the 7th EEVIA rings down the curtain satisfactorily

In addition, he still states Ying Feiling is aimed at interactive market, return distribution more sensor. He says: “ is interactive it is person and machine between interactive, this needs many sensor in the process. Ying Feiling has encyclopedical sensor product to combine, wait like sensor of microphone of millimeter wave radar, silicon radical, pressure sensor, environment, these can be used at detecting the reaction of external environment. This part is in interactive in the one link with be belonged to very important. ”

ADI: Brand-new technology of the industry of Power By Linear that prop up innovates

Power source technology is the topic that electronic industry cannot keep away from forever, came from Liang Zaixin of chief inspector of market of region of China of product of ADI power source to introduce ADI to be after integrated Linear, those who roll out is brand-new child brand “Power By Linear” , it is integrated bilateral advantage, precede from the industry in it may be said of high-powered imitate domain ride absolutely dirt.

Forum of media of ICT of China of year of the 7th EEVIA rings down the curtain satisfactorily

Liang Zaixin expresses prospective Power By Linear to will show the technical actual strength of oneself through releasing smaller, thinner power source module, he says: We had been in “ now the power source module of 4×4 of research and development, 3×4, we will release a brand-new product LTM4700 July this year, the control that takes digital interface is logistic, one realizes 100A. ”In the meantime, he returned the spot to introduce ADI technology of the 3rd acting Silent Switcher3, it will include more technologies are patent, but the most austere the most straightaway view is namely on the design of circuit, letting ring of this electric current is two annulus ways that return deflection on chip, report gives birth to magnetism, magnetism to lay cable, if can annulus road is retrorse, the magnetic field that produce is retrorse, it can offset each other.

NI: How does the test platform that is a center with software aid force to grab a 5G times

5G times has not come, but of the technology contend for already cause a temporary clamor, but how does ability ensure different technique can times of better 5G of service line of business? The horsepower of engineer of Chinese technology mart that comes from NI this say: “‘ fast ’ this word to 5G actually dispute often is not constant important, ask the technology of your itself reacts speed, transmission speed waits a respect a moment to want not only fast, beg your whole technology to want from the time cycle that designs be born even fast. He points out ” to be able to help an engineer can improve efficiency better for central platform with software, raise test rate, NI can help an engineer shorten the time of the test, realize integral product thereby appear on the market time.

Forum of media of ICT of China of year of the 7th EEVIA rings down the curtain satisfactorily

Be based on this, a series of is based on PXI technology platform test program that NI rolls out and equipment, according to horsepower this introduce, what NI place advocates is a test platform that is a center with software, will all instrument is put inside body of a box, the synchronism that uses PXI technology to ensure a test and consistent. On a few algorithm, NI but Fourier alternates algorithmic deploy arrives in FPGA, the operation speed that will do FFT than CPU so has the promotion of twice. Make multilateral border brand at present, wait like AT&T, NOKIA, Intel, NTT Docomo, SAMSUNG, the prototype that using NI checks platform, university of southeast university of home, Beijing post and telecommunications also have close cooperation to it.

Qorvo: Business uses the front of 5G radio frequency in the mobile phone

Industry basically had reached consensus to realizing 5G commercial dimensions to change 2020, and the union of mobile phone and 5G also is valued by the place inside course of study all the time, for area of this Qorvo Asia-Pacific spot of senior manager Tao Zhen shared strategy of market of mobile facilities ministry a few views that Qorvo applies to front of 5G radio frequency.

Forum of media of ICT of China of year of the 7th EEVIA rings down the curtain satisfactorily

The mobile phone that he analyses 5G period cannot be mere pure support 5G only, return next compatible 3G on need, 4G, the front module that no matter be amplifier of filter, switch, power and conformity,rises accordingly, can have generation of additional new equipment of equipment parts of an apparatus, this also is to come from at new 5G frequency paragraph demand. Press down an analysis according to contented, connect high, Intel, sea is thought of wait for mainstream chip company to may send and receive 5G-NR brand-newly in mobile chip the LTE chip make it of machine chip and 4G two chip, and after modular product appeared concentration 2019. Qorvo began to develop module of the first radio frequency front that is based on 5G NR new standard from 2017. Tao Zhen expresses, no matter be,be not independent group net, no matter be the angle Qorvo of the angle from the technology or support,had made preparation.

Fuji connects: The future of storage technology

Intelligent times, more and more application are arisen, among them storage technology also needs to undertake follow-up. Come from Fuji to connect an electron yuan ease of Feng of inspector general of department of government of product of parts of an apparatus is new express, at present Fujitsu basically has 3 kinds of products in memory business side: Use at the FRAM of data logging, NRAM that is used at data logging and code to store, still have ReRAM.

Forum of media of ICT of China of year of the 7th EEVIA rings down the curtain satisfactorily

Feng Yi is new think, the development of prospective memory will not leave this 3 kinds big, but the key is NRAM, its read keep rate fast, read write wear 1000 times taller than NOR Flash, have high reliability, 80 degrees can store data is achieved 1000, 300 10 years can be amounted to when spending. Still have low power comsumption, bide one’s time the power comsumption of mode is close to Yu Ling.

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