Electron of aviation of help of chip of ADI company Plug and Play antenna and personnel of communication equipment design simplify to accuse a radar design

China, beijing—Analog Devices, inc. (ADI) is rolled out now tall compositive ADAR1000 of degree of chip of figuration of active antenna beam, its support accuses a radar and personnel of communication system design to use compact solid state solution to replace huge machine to change aerial to platform quickly. ADAR1000 chip can simplify design, remarkable and cut air traffic control, monitoring, communication and weather monitor place to use the dimension that controls a radar system, weight and power comsumption. To personnel of aviation electron design, ADAR1000 supports flat antenna array, the over all dimension of system of this OK and contractible traditional radar, conduce to a design going out smaller smaller plane. New-style ADAR1000 is Plug and Play chip, make do not have or the design personnel of experience of only and very few radio frequency also can expand the function of radar system prolongs its work life.

Chip of figuration of beam of active antenna of 4 passageways ADAR1000 can replace aerial 12 discrete element that phasic gain adjusts and digital control requires. X of this IC support and Ku frequency paragraph the time duplex operation that go up (TDD) . It has switch of T/R of a compositive type, can use an option communal port serves as blast off (input or receive of Tx) (the output of Rx) . 4 pairs of Tx and Rx passageway have independent programmable gain and phasic setting. ADAR1000 can be configured to command each respects of activity of pulse of exterior T/R module directly, the circuit outside requiring the specified amount is few. All settings are OK to load arrives inside in buy memory, so that visit gain quickly,phasic condition and T/R module are installed. ADAR1000 offers the compose that can expand to build module, can carry out the active antenna photograph that is aimed at next generation radar and communication system to accuse quickly blast, need not a large number of tripartite designs support.

ADI company radio frequency and John Cowles of general manager of microwave business department express: “ADI company industry combination of the richest radio frequency product and extensive design are mixed enclose professional technology union, accuse an aerial design with helping a client be carried out quickly. We are new the photograph that roll out controls array product smaller lighter, functional criterion and typical photograph accuse a solution euqally powerful. It narrowed significantly the over all dimension of aerial, because this photograph accuses blast potential use is able to expand. ”

Electron of aviation of help of chip of ADI company Plug and Play antenna and personnel of communication equipment design simplify to accuse a radar design

Item characteristics of chip of figuration of beam of ADAR1000 active antenna

·8 GHz comes limits of 16 GHz frequency

·TDD of half duplex operation is used at Tx and Rx

·Sheet makes crural Tx/Rx control

·Muti_function mode of T/R model block control

·Position control of 360 degrees of photographs, phasic resolution is less than 2.8 degrees

·The gain control of 31 DB above, the resolution of 0.5 DB

·Piece internal storage is used at retaining beam position beforehand

·Assist 8 modulus converter to be used at power radiodetector and temperature sensor

·Support pattern of low power comsumption

·Interface of 4 lines SPI

Product quoted price and offer money

Product quoted price and offer money

The radio frequency of ADI company and microwave product combination offer the ability with the most extensive industry and deep system to design professional knowledge, support has the design of ability of complete signal catenary, include radio frequency, microwave and millimeter wave. The client can choose rich discrete element and compositive solution, the complete antenna that includes to face DC to apply to 100 GHz above reachs the designated position range of products. Face communication, test to survey the instrument appearance, market such as industry, ADI company offers the most extensive technology, include CMOS, SiGe, BiCMOS, SOI, GaAs and GaN.

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