Day intermediary: Chinese semiconductor industry ” road block and long “

Cloud of commercial magnate horse says to want to make homebred semiconductor for China. This is a of Chinese government long-term goal. As a result of the control that the United States exports to a few science and technology recently, this becomes more important nowadays. The problem is, after Chinese experience suffers a defeat a few years whether overcome a challenge finally.

Semiconductor is the fundamental component of electronic product, apply at arriving from the mobile phone all things of super computer server. China is early mastered the ability that makes finished product with the semiconductor that produces somewhere else, but at best just is assembled just. China wants to become the person be achieved formerly of product and originality, driving automatically especially the forward position industry such as the car. For this, china needs his semiconductor.

But challenge but not small. China is the world at present market of the biggest chip, but it is homebred that the semiconductor that home uses has 16% only. China imports chip every year to make an appointment with —— of 200 billion dollar to exceed oil to import. To develop industry of native land chip, the government reduces tax to relevant enterprise, plan investment to reach 32 billion dollar, the hope is designed in chip and make a respect get army the world.

Day intermediary: Chinese semiconductor industry " road block and long "

China’s earliest semiconductor was produced 1956, this technology comes out in the United States at that time before long. 70 time China opens the century afresh on when commerce, officials realise semiconductor is the crucial part in prospective market economy very quickly.

But almost from put in the obstacle at the beginning. The idea with Chinese inchoate government includes to introduce Japanese out of fashion secondhand semiconductor product line. But the chip that makes as a result of defer of bureaucratism, shipment and China lacks an user, on century 90 time China from 0 make the stop after chip industry is paying high price not before.

Another inferior position is devoid capital. Come a few years, labor is concentrated model the industry is the way that China becomes rich, it attracted the investment of entrepreneur and government. Under photograph comparing, production semiconductor needs at every turn a few in advance are devoted, likelihood 10 years or longer ability gets effective. Sheet was investment of Intel company research and development amounts to 12.7 billion dollar 2016. Delicacy has Chinese enterprise to financial capacity or the experience such as this can undertake this kind of reason invests. The person that plan in the center of also collides normally the sort of investment that has risk, vision.

China appears cognizant arrives this problem, since 2000, change direction from allowance semiconductor research and development, production undertake equity invests, hope market strength produces bigger effect. But allocation of funds still is put in the problem. In recent years the government promotes the investment of half-and-half conductor factory all the time, among them a lot of lack are enough technology. And of those final start working cause memory chip excess probably again, bring capital issue to domestic industry.

Probably the biggest long-term challenge that China faces is the technology is gotten. Although Beijing hopes from 0 begin to make industry of native land chip, but best product still lags behind 9 generation of American. A reasonable idea is buy a technology from beautiful look forward to or form companionate concern to it. This also is the route that day Han most advanced company takes. But China does not have a law to be done in that way. China buys American semiconductor company to because safe reason meets with,often be overruled. In waiting to also be opposite, day Han just is bought adopt similar severe careful.

Although be put in a variety of block up, in recent years China already obtained great progress actually. A few enterprises of Chinese are mobile phone and semiconductor of other technology products plan, give foreign plant the package outside production next. In the meantime, china invests to relevant factory your writing, provide crucial experience for controller, engineer and researcher. All these won’t bring shortcut, but become what a China expends the industry that half century still fails to build to make element probably.

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