Cypress attune goes up price of NOR Flash of the 2nd season, do not eliminate second half of the year to rise in price once more

As a result of smartphone, advanced drive support system (the market such as net of couplet of ADAS) , content is maintained to NOR Flash demand high-grade, international semiconductor is big the factory surpasses Pulasi (because Cypress) accepts the order free flourishing and produce can serious in short supply, channel comes out Saipulasi already was moved go up price of NOR Flash of the 2nd season, do not eliminate second half of the year to rise in price once more. Legal person points out, big plant of a gleam of is the first rise in price, flourishing grand, Hua Bang report is expected follow-up rises in price, battalion carries will all the way good to second half of the year.

NOR Flash is hanged to store outside carrying OLED face plate to need as a result of intelligence mobile phone program code, bring about NOR Flash market demanded exceeds supply last year and the price rises greatly, the first season produces catenary to enter inventory to adjust level because of intelligence mobile phone this year, supply and demand of NOR Flash market is balanced, although the price is not renewed go up, but also did not see cheapen pressure, because mainland place is produced,have market of NOR Flash of halfway small size only can leave to go out and have depreciate phenomenon.

Cypress attune goes up price of NOR Flash of the 2nd season

NOR Flash market already saw since the 2nd season improve stage by stage, it is intelligence of Android a group of people of same interest mobile phone begins to enter peak period of 0 component stock up, and promote as permeability of market of OLED face plate, NOR Flash demand already saw pick up. 2 it is Intel is in platform of processor of the 8th acting Core, will store the NOR Flash capacity of BIOS is pulled by 64Mb/128Mb with one action come high 256Mb, gao Rong measures NOR Flash to be critical for goods accordingly in.

Additional, car electron and content couplet net also see to NOR Flash demand turn apparently strong. As a result of the new car section that each car plant rolls out this year, all embark include to be amounted to solely (LiDAR) and system of automatic and urgent brake (AEB) , embryo pressing is diagnosed implement (the ADAS system such as caution of deflection of TPMS) , road, drive quickness of demand of car compasses NOR Flash to warm up. Moreover, include intelligent water meter or ammeter, industry the device of terminal of content couplet net such as 4 automation equipment, still use NOR Flash to store program code, let be versed in compasses NOR Flash demands exceeds supply likewise.

Will look with NOR Flash market, include Saipulasi, flourishing grand, the before 4 big plants such as report of beautiful light, Hua Bang, produce without large-scale expansion since last year can movement, as market demand by off-season enter peak period, problem of be in short supply once more the mesa on float. With big plant of a gleam of Saipulasi is exemple, NOR Flash of the 2nd season already was ordered by the client almost one sky, produce can serious in short supply, the price and on season photograph relatively already moved somewhat go up. Industry thinks, flourishing grand electric NOR Flash hands in Ji Huabang period spin apparently, be expected follow-up rises in price.

Flourishing grand the first season market of 1.06 yuan of excel expects every net profit, battalion carries performance improves considerably. The 2nd season although because of off-season influence, battalion closed in April still year add 41.7% amount to 2.902 billion yuan, because NOR Flash price is bullish, performance of quarterly battalion carry does not look weak, busy season of tradition of second half of the year behaves will apparent excel last year the corresponding period.

China state report every net amounts to the first season market of 0.4 yuan of excel anticipates. As DRAM and NOR Flash price double go up, amalgamative in April battalion receives China state report 4.489 billion yuan, year add 23.4% excel to anticipate, come for 18 years only month battalion receives Gao Jilu, legal person values battalion of the 2nd season to carry likewise expressional general excel the first season, yi Huiming of second half of the year shows excel first half of the year.

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