Connect high enlarging market of limits of 5G patent accredit to unscramble is Xiang Ping has been shown if really

Go a few years, to a lot of after sufferring criticism about patent license, mobile chip big plant is connected high (Qualcomm) announces in 1 day, the patent accredit cost that reduces its 5G, although this plans contain draw together all smartphone manufacturer, but outside analysis, the emphasis that Gao Tongxuan cloth plans this is mixed in the apple China on malic body.

Current, apple and Gao Tongzheng have multinomial patent and accredit fee litigation to undertake in. Accordingly, there is report to point out before, the apple will abandon be being connected high as 2018 the supplier of base band chip of IPhone model, change to be replaced with Intel. This message one but fulfil, major to connecting battalion high to receive generation effect.

Connect high enlarging market of limits of 5G patent accredit to unscramble is Xiang Ping has been shown if really

As we have learned, connecting high in the past when having relevant and patent authorization, smartphone manufacturer has choice of two kinds of accredit normally. Besides in order to use mobile phone cost 5% win the complete set patent that connects high besides accredit, OK also the scale of 3.25% achieves its level necessary and patent accredit, its standard covered the necessary patent that mass equipment joins wireless network place needs in necessary patent. And such regulation, make chamber of commerce of works of all mobile phone buys two afore-mentioned patent accredit, in order to cover all bases, drop future in order to avoid the risk of meaningless dispute.

Nowadays, connect high express, for because answer the advent of 5G times, connect high had begun a plan now with handier, and wholer way makes mobile phone manufacturer can obtain two patent licenses at the same time. To this, connect technical accredit high to carry out vice-president to hold president Alex Rogers concurrently to express, be connected high and did not lower the price, but what doing is to be below the circumstance that does not raise the price, more technology is contained in the product, and more intellectual property.

Market personage is analysed, connect such practice high to be in the light of its big client apple and come. Because with connect the apple that has patent and lawsuit of copyright fee litigation high, the message comes out will abandon using the base band chip that connects high, change the product that introduces competitor Intel to come the main supplier as IPhone. This will produce battalion to accept the severe impact on to be being connected high.

A few days ago, connect high announcing during money of the 2nd season signed up for 2018, run of technical accredit branch closes relatively the corresponding period glided 2017 44% , also relatively the 1st season glided 2018 3% . Main reason goes namely there is what come from the apple in 3 season any income, this brings about business income to drop 40% .

Additional, be worth to be carried, connect high last week also express, will undertake adjustment to patent accredit cost, set 400 dollars the upper limit as amount, than before the 500 dollars of upper limit fall 1/5, with period loose accredit business grows. And of gold of this accredit right depreciate, also be regarded as pair of apples by the market show good movement. Because understand the lawsuit litigation with the apple high in, the most important part is what each other different to be as high as the right gold of 1 billion dollar to have view brings about.

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