Congress of Asia of blue 2018 tooth: Exhibition and speech focusing commerce and net of couplet of industrial other people

Chinese Beijing, on May 10, 2018–Blue tooth technology is allied (Bluetooth Special Interest Group, abbreviation SIG) announces return China Shenzhen, hold plenary meeting of Asia of blue tooth of the 5th Bluetooth Asia. Congress of Asia of blue 2018 tooth is held at will coming 31 days on May 30. At the appointed time, the trade public figure that force has on the market, developer and technical drive consumer will be met at Shenzhen exhibit a center to gather together, results is newest the practice experience of blue tooth technology, meeting top class industry leader, understand the future of the solution domain of rapid development to move toward, be like equipment network and the service that are based on the position, and city of industry of intelligent floor space, intelligence, wisdom and intelligent household burgeoning blue tooth market.

Around the standard of network of blue tooth Mesh that rolls out recently the large-scale function that link a network, the congress this year discusses concentration how to apply blue tooth deploy in commerce and industrial setting relevant application. Come from Alibaba communication of artificial intelligence lab, rich world, China standardizes association (CCSA) , rub do obeisance to, office of case of city of wisdom of flying benefit Pu Zhaoming, Taipei and Ximmerse get army the senior expert that the enterprise organizes will publish a text, how to develop action to affect commerce and industry to wait to blue tooth brand-new the market, and the newest application case of network of blue tooth Mesh does a key to discuss.

Congress of Asia of blue 2018 tooth: Exhibition and speech focusing commerce and net of couplet of industrial other people

Alliance of blue tooth technology carries out president Mark Powell to express: “ blue tooth is regarded as a kind to transmit the wireless technique that cable replaces in application in mobile speech and data at first. From the technology of open interconnection equipment and fixed position and market, after arriving 20 years, of standard of network of blue tooth Mesh roll out open to wait to wisdom hospital from intelligent factory a series of brand-new the market and with exemple. Today’s blue tooth can join the equipment of thousands of, for whole Lou Yu establishs wide range, but the network of patulous, low cost. ” in this second congress, mr Mark Powell will publish thematic speech, celebrate blue tooth 20 years of innovation, review blue tooth technology jointly with you is to industrial level from individual communication tool wireless join solved square? ? The development process of the case.

Come for years, the person that the Chinese ginseng that the look up before congress of blue tooth Asia is getting together ponders over is met people, they are here the study, forward position science and technology that shares world interconnection. Congress of Asia of blue 2018 tooth will be based on the developer seminar series that holds successfully last year, make expand further, include among them by science and technology of alliance of blue tooth technology, Zhi Shi, Dailege instrument of He Dezhou of semiconductor, NextGen, Nordic Semiconductor, Teledyne Lecroy is strong the seminar that present as leading role is discussed. The ginseng person that meet will understand blue tooth technology to apply in the latest technology that needs in product development and tool from which, the practice activity that can be participated in at the same time and uses blue tooth to develop the theme such as peripheral, Beacon and Mesh technology. In addition, congress still installed “ and expert face-to-face (zone of Meet The Expert)” , undertake solution to waiting for pertinent question about membership, product certification and brand.

With compared last year, of congress of Asia of blue 2018 tooth visit place of the dimensions that exhibit an area freely to break up one time. Many 40 when wait inside lead company already affirmed semiconductor of case of ARM, Dai Le, Ellisys, Nordic Semiconductor and Teledyne Lecroy ginseng postpone a grand event that be the same as assist. Meanwhile, the person that attend the meeting will be able to opportunity, intelligence of the He Hengxuan science and technology, wisdom stone science and technology, science and technology in the content in the cloud, Tai Lingwei electron, doodle, Ou Tongke ability and Shenzhen city La Ke fast understand science and technology. Except exhibit outside field, the person that we welcome an exhibition to look around attends the thematic speech in the morning freely. Include plenary meeting first days among them, the assembly room of intelligent floor space that by alliance of blue tooth technology chief inspector of advanced strategy program Mr Chuck Sabin manages, and congress the 2nd day, the assembly room of blue tooth Mesh that by alliance of blue tooth technology manager of concern of Asia-Pacific area developer Mr Ren Kai manages.

Huajun Yu of manager of advanced project of rich world China expresses: “2018 year congress of blue tooth Asia develops a company for blue tooth technology not simply group offerred unique communication opportunity, also be the main chance of atmosphere of mart of technology of thorough knowledge blue tooth and trend. The innovation solution of 4 mixes the net of couplet of top class content that we expect to see arrival postpone business from a lot of ginseng and industry expert, participate in technical discussion. ”

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