Chip of homebred 5G radio frequency designs development to obtain significant progress

Increase pair of integrated circuit industries to give aid to the setting of strength falls continuously in the country, our country chip designs an industry to present rapid development state. By Shanghai “ 1000 people plan ” expert the Aisitaike that doctor of Huang Feng justice establishs (Shanghai) limited company of technology of high frequency communication released 3 chip recently, indication mainland enterprise sends and receive chip of systematic integrated circuit in radio frequency (respect of development of RF SoC) design obtains significant progress.

As we have learned, 3 are designed independently and the core chip of development covers broadband area, can reframe reach the chip such as tall broadband, the market of radio frequency chip that the high end in basically be being aimed at uses, can apply extensively at mobile communication of the Five Dynasties (5G) , freeboard fast sensor of net of wireless content couplet, radio frequency, satellite communications and particular kind are special the system such as tall broadband communication, navigation, radar.

Among them two chip and technology of model of radio frequency of field effect transistor, the expert group that forms at waiting for unit expert via limited company of group of science and technology of electron of Beijing University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China this year in April undertakes technical appraisement, indication “ achievement achieves international advanced level ” . Result of test of target of nearly 20 integral performance and international product and document publish an among them chip to be compared as a result, 5 index are close to international top-ranking level, 7 crucial index achieve international top-ranking level, the best level that already reported on international of excel of 7 crucial index.

Chip of homebred 5G radio frequency designs development to obtain significant progress

As we have learned, wind justice group fizzles out to already gained revolutionary headway in domain of model of component of radio frequency chip before this. 2006, its initiate eigenfunction law to be used at extraction of inductance model parameter and structure to optimize in the light of the component such as inductance, research achievement is published in periodical of authority of domain of international integrated circuit ” magazine of solid state circuit ” (IEEE JSSC) and periodical of microelectronics domain authority ” electronic parts wall bulletin ” (IEEE EDL) , and by Chinese core periodical " gazette of science and technology " choose for China of 2006 year “ great science makes progress ” .

Field of the most extensive model of field effect transistor uses in integrated circuit chip, experience of group of Huang Feng justice is explored via 10 old research, 2016 the bottom is in deep inferior new raceway groove effect discovered in the structure of micron, radio frequency model that exceeds high speed transistor, broke through by continue to use of international industry group 30 old core raceway groove are unit. This achievement is published in ” electronic parts wall bulletin ” .

As the foundation of the Information Industry, technology of integrated circuit chip is in forward position of domain of current international high-tech. China is the whole world market of the biggest chip, but start in relevant domain later, great majority chip still counts an import. Statistic of customs total office shows, 2016, total of import of chip of our country integrated circuit all exceeded 1 trillion yuan of RMBs 2017, crude oil of prep above the corresponding period imports the specified amount.

Be aimed at this one state, released 2014 ” development of estate of national integrated circuit advances compendium ” put forward, to 2020 integrated circuit industry and international are advanced horizontal difference is progressively and narrow, entire industry sales revenue year all add fast more than 20% , the company can grow ability to increase considerably continuously. The integrated circuit of the key domain such as net of couplet of computation of communication of mobile intelligence terminal, network, cloud, content, big data designs a technology to achieve international banner level, system of industrial modes of life and relation to their environment is initial form.

In relevant policy give aid to below, industry of our country chip grows quickly, design development link progresses especially remarkable. Semiconductor guild data shows, total sales of industry of our country integrated circuit was 541.1 billion yuan 2017, design course of study to occupy among them than achieving 38% .

With afore-mentioned love the project is Sitaike exemple, the successful research and development of relevant technology and product, show in chip of integrated circuit of high-end radio frequency the design reachs model of radio frequency component two big fields, development of technology of forward position of our country part already was close to international advanced level. Industry evaluation thinks, the implementation of chip of radio frequency integrated circuit such as mobile communication, radar is changed independently, can aid industry of communication of force our country to accelerate upgrade, urge 5G layout step.

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