Beautiful Gaosenmei and SiFive roll out HiFive Unleashed to expand board software of the Linux that help strength and firmware development staff first compose builds RISC-V PC

The supplier of program of banner semiconductor technology that devotes oneself to to offer difference to change in power comsumption, safe, dependability and performance side is beautiful Gao Sen beautiful company (Microsemi Corporation, new York Na Sida overcomes bourse code name: The does not have newest joint development of SiFive of supplier of brilliant round factory HiFive Unleashed that MSCC) announces to roll out product of as custom-built as first semiconductor opening a source is patulous board. SiFive regards beautiful Gaosenmei as Mi-V™RISC-V ecosystem partner, the strategy that uses two firms concerns, expanded the HiFive Unleashed RISC-V of SiFive the function of development board, make firmware engineer and software engineer can be in then 1GHz above RISC-V 64 central processing is unit (write on CPU) be based on Linux application process.

The HiFive Unleashed of beautiful Gaosenmei is patulous board allow to develop personnel to be in the PolarFire of bear the palm®But parts of an apparatus of process designing logic (custom-built peripheral comes true in FPGA) array. Development staff can block equipment of standard PCI Express (PCIe) , USB and safe number insert HiFive Unleashed, receive the processor of Freedom U540 RISC-V of SiFive repeatedly thereby, in order to realize complete RISC-V PC (PC) . The RISC-V that beautiful Gaosenmei reached 10 days to be held in Spanish Barcelona on May 7 reveals this platform on working lane.

Ted Speers of chief of program of product of section of process designing business expresses beautiful Gaosenmeike: “ we and the HiFive Unleashed that SiFive cooperates are patulous board with HiFive Unleashed development board was wider Linux market to offer very powerful RISC-V to develop platform, both sides drives framework of RISC-V instruction collect together (ISA) and our Mi-V ecosystem develops quickly. Our cost optimizes low power comsumption parts of an apparatus of medium dimensions PolarFire FPGA is embedded the good solution that develops an engineer to realize custom-built peripheral. ”

Beautiful Gaosenmei and SiFive roll out HiFive Unleashed to expand board software of the Linux that help strength and firmware development staff first compose builds RISC-V PC

HiFive Unleashed is patulous board allow to design staff with HiFive Unleashed the Linux application process with the whole development on the modern RISC-V CPU that moving at 1 GHz above, make these parts of an apparatus fit communication, industry, national defence, medical treatment and aviation electron market very much medium all sorts of embedded applying, include to dominate solution, picture / processing of video processing, machine study, control, time is sensitive network, add mix closely safe and trustful root, wireless communication and plane network.

SiFive combines father to hold Yunsup Lee of chief technology officer concurrently to express: “ beauty is the strategic partner of SiFive all the time since Gaosenmei is long-term, its HiFive Unleashed is patulous board the RISC-V that help strength company group the development that continues to advance source hardware. Expand by right of HiFive Unleashed board, beautiful Gaosenmei is driving a RISC-V to innovate. We are expecting two enterprises to cooperate continuously, the technology that and too impatient to wait thinks sees us will realize what product. ”

HiFive Unleashed is patulous board provide numerous and add function, include memory of port of PCIe root combine, SATA, M.2 SSD port, two USB port, HDMI, DDR4 safe number card inserts the patulous, NAND Shan Cunhe that manages by EMMC groove.

Foundation of blame gain RISC-V carries out chief inspector Rick O'Connor to express: “RISC-V foundation praises beautiful Gaosenmei and SiFive collaboration to offer comprehensive Linux software to develop the fruit of platform for RISC-V. RISC-V is used in a lot of commerce and the design that open a source to develop personnel to be based on Linux in its. The nowadays that runs Linux in increasing design especially is embedded in the market, beautiful Gaosenmei / the development environment that SiFive RISC-V solution provided to fix eyes upon. ”

RISC-V is free and open ISA, what through opening standard cooperation to urge implementation processor innovates is brand-new times. Because ISA already was frozen, the software that already wrote will move on RISC-V kernel from beginning to end, and was not added as a result of RISC-V IP kernel close, can ensure enclosed the credit that systematic framework achieves impossibly and attestation.

About the Mi-V ecosystem of beautiful Gaosenmei

The Mi-V ecosystem of beautiful Gaosenmei is the one share that beauty of beautiful Gao Sen accelerates ecosystem to plan, collect a lot of industry leaders that participate in RISC-V development, make full use of for the client its function simplifies RISC-V design, aim to shorten of final client appear on the market time shortens the accrual time of ecosystem participator. Mi-V ecosystem offerred the comprehensive ecosystem that comes from one class supplier for firmware and hardware engineer, let tripartite can use the platform that grows increasingly to RISC-V is used and innovate with be being driven further.

The product offers money

HiFive Unleashed is patulous board with HiFive Unleashed development board can be bought from Crowd Supply.

About PolarFire FPGA

Beautiful Gaosenmei’s newest cost optimizes PolarFire FPGA series to have the power comsumption of industry lowest, exceedingly good security and reliability in medium density level. This series parts of an apparatus contains 12.7 Gbps to send and receive implement, its power comsumption is lower than congener FPGA 50% . Limits of density of its logic element comes for 100K 500K, apply to all sorts of wired receive infrastructure of network, beehive, national defence and business to use aviation application, and the industry such as industrial automation 4 application and content couplet net (IoT) market.

Of PolarFire FPGA series send and receive implement supportable a variety of serial agreements, consequently special apply to the communication application such as 10Gbps aether net, CPRI, JESD204B, Interlaken and PCIe. In addition, its are in general input / output (the implementation on GPIO) is serial thousand aether net (the ability of SGMII) , can support net of aether of a lot of 1Gbps to link. The safe intellectual property that PolarFire FPGA series still includes aggrandizement (IP) , with protecting a client design, data is mixed supply chain. Blame is easy the static power comsumption that breaks PolarFire series product to compare congener product is 10 times lower, still contain Flash*Freeze low power comsumption to bide one’s time mode.

About beautiful company of beautiful Gao Sen

Beautiful company of beautiful Gao Sen (Microsemi Corporation, new York Na Sida overcomes bourse code name: MSCC) is communication, national defence and security, aerospace and industrial market to offer comprehensive semiconductor and systematic solution, the product includes high-powered, anti-radiant imitate mixes integrated circuit, but parts of an apparatus of process designing logic (FPGA) ; can chip of custom-built system level (SoC) and special integrated circuit (; speech handles the level of clock product set that equipment of synchronism of clock of; of product of ASIC); power management and accurate and time solution are the whole world memory of enterprise of; of component of schism of; of solution of;RF of parts of an apparatus and communication solution. Aliso Viejo of city of California of United States of locate of beautiful headquarters of beautiful Gao Sen, global employee sum total is made an appointment with 4, 800 people.

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