An Sen beautiful semiconductor buys banner SiPM, SPAD and LiDAR feeling measure product supplier SensL

American time announces the company of An Sen beautiful semiconductor that urges high-energy effect innovation today buy SensL Technologies Ltd. (“SensL of the following abbreviation”) . Buy the blame that predicts to will increase An Sen beautiful semiconductor instantly this accepted accounting principle (Non-GAAP) every gain. SensL headquarters is located in Ireland, it is to be a car only, medical treatment, industry and consumptive market offer silicon photoelectricity times add a canal (diode of avalanche of SiPM) , odd photon (SPAD) He Guangda (the leader of a technology that LiDAR) feeling measures a product. Buy this make An Sen beautiful semiconductor expands its are in advanced drive support system (the market that ADAS) and the car feeling that drive automatically survey applied domain leads a position, develop broadness is in picture, radar and the ability that amount to solely. Union is in this of Ireland buy, the radar technology that before reaching this, buys in Israel and England and design center, an Sen beautiful semiconductor has unique advantage, offer comprehensive sensor program to leave car of generation height automation, and consolidate the company feels in image measure and ultrasonic berth car is additional leadership position. Semiconductor plans Ansenmei 2018 second half of the year rolls out the sample that uses the radar technology that bought 2017.

An Sen beautiful semiconductor buys banner SiPM, SPAD and LiDAR feeling measure product supplier SensL

Image sensor senior vice president holds the ministry concurrently general manager Taner Ozcelik says: “ founds by Carl Jackson and advance SiPM the market to be done by the whole SensL group that Bryan Campbell heads vivid and dramatic, we expect to enlarge them in the market successful, continue its LiDAR, medical treatment is combined into the product that resembles be being explored with radiation. The demand of car sensor confluence is increasing quickly, the sensor technology that demand more offers by SensL group. Expand we are in sensor technology assets of Ireland and design ability will make we can expand in the banner place that has fractionize market already, offer the world’s top-ranking new plan for burgeoning fractionize market. ”

SensL group will be direct to image sensor the ministry is reported. This group is located in Irish Coke, enlarge sensor of whole world of An Sen beautiful semiconductor to design a network, enclothe the United States, England, Japan, India, Israel and Ireland.

SensL is medical treatment becomes one of leaders that resemble new field at present, provide the broad product line around SiPM and SPAD technology, level to realize substantial solid state LiDAR road. This company is the leader of car LiDAR burgeoning domain all the time, have many clients and the SPAD that are based on its to precede and SiPM deepness feeling to measure powerful product route chart of the technology. Go 15 years, research and development of SensL deepness invest in, it is a leader that deepness sends feeling technology. This technology is based on CMOS, the plan of solid state LiDAR that compares for tall sex price offers dimensions economic benefits, resemble a scene offerring banner deepness precision, distance and power comsumption to have those who challenge a gender to become. These deepness feeling measure a technology to still can advance the development of vision of industrial robot, machine, unmanned aircraft and shift and other spending application. In addition, the product combination with An Sen beautiful broad semiconductor and special integrated circuit (the sensor of ASIC) advantage and SensL supplements each other, can offer more complete give car, medical treatment, industry and consumptive market extensive client with optimized plan.

Buy the leadership position that consolidated semiconductor serves as Ansenmei to drive automatically to survey plan with ADAS application feeling this, offer become in the round picture, radar, ultrasonic and LiDAR technology and product combination.

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