ADI rolls out Power By Linear LTM4653, use at the application such as robot of automation, industry

ADI announces to roll out Power By Linear™LTM4653, this is step-down of a 58VIN µModule®Manostat. Noise environment waits in system of infrastructure of robot of factory automation, industry, communication and aviation electron in, it can use the 24V that was not adjusted or fluctuates to input power source to work surely to 48V.

ADI rolls out Power By Linear LTM4653, use at the application such as robot of automation, industry

LTM4653 will be inputted and output filter is compositive enclose in in, can satisfy the requirement of standard of EN55022 Class B EMC that is aimed at IT equipment consequently. Low EMI framework makes its suit signal to process application, include to check and be measured, into like the system that reach RF. LTM4653 has the framework with same manostat of µModule of as negative as LTM4651 58VIN, 4A output, accordingly the combination of LTM4651 and LTM4653 suits to produce a pair to losing voltage in the system very much.

Examine LTM4653 product page, download the data manual, print that order and evaluate board:

Output voltage can use a resistor to come in 0.5V adjust between 94% VIN. Limits of wide output voltage offerred versatility, the tension of bus line of commonly used system that uses a product to be able to obtain 3.3V, 5V, 12V and 24V. The peak value efficiency when 24VIN is changed to 5VOUT is 92% . In the operation is being changed to 5VOUT in 48VIN, LTM4653 can offer 4A to export electricity below the environmental temperature condition of 70°C (without radiator or air current) . To application of taller electric current, can make many parts of an apparatus shunt-wound move. Switch frequency can adjust through an exterior resistor, OK also and synchronous come for 250kHz to limits of a frequency the exterior clock of 3MHz.

LTM4653 mixes power source of controller of stabilized voltage of a switch, switch, inductor other support package is compositive enclose at a 15mm X 9mm X 5.01mm BGA in. The input that needs high capacity only and capacitor of output filter wave achievable design.

Character is schematic: LTM4653

Power source of complete mode of low EMI switch

Accord with norms of EN55022 Class B

Limits of wide input voltage: 3.1V comes 58V

Be as high as 4A to export electricity

Output voltage limits: 0.5V comes 94% VIN

In whole voltage, load and temperature (–40°C outputs voltage error to the total DC that ±1.67% has inside 125°C) limits

Can use many LTM4653 to come true paralell connection and all flow

Imitate outputs voltaic indicator

But process designing inputs voltage limitation

15mm X 9mm X 5.01mm BGA is enclosed

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