Will the difficult time of traditional chip manufacturer come?

Afterwards cereal song, apple, Yamaxun designs production AI(artificial intelligence independently) after chip, facial book also decided to add a group of people of same interest of chip of AI of own research and development recently, additionally the Alibaba in BAT and Baidu already also tried water AI chip to make. Tycoons express, own research and development is divided outside reducing cost, according to the chip with him product custom-built place, can undertake better comfortable deserve to teach with tone.

“ produces the outbreak of core ” oneself, connect to Intel, Gaotong and rich waited for chip manufacturer to bring menace, at the same time chip manufacturer is faced with again add fast put alleviation cost to rise wait for pressure. Under weigh, partial chip manufacturer tries to pass and buy way, while behead obtains new technology, cut down make and develop cost. Additionally Ying Weida and Intel wait for company criterion its major chip made professional technology change AI and burgeoning field, preparation makes money through serving for tycoon of science and technology.

Erupt from chip yield AI

Walk into reality ceaselessly as AI technology, AI chip already made the central point that chip industry competes.

Last week, peng rich message says, facial book is in charge of making the project manager of AI chip in invite applications for a job, in order to reduce to be being connected high, the dependence of the chip tycoons such as Intel. Crossing those who long for to have to AI chip business is facial book not merely, gu Ge, apple and Yamaxun also row among them.

Be in early 2006, gu Ge builds a special integrated circuit for nerve network compose with respect to the consideration (ASIC) . Till 2016, the machine that Gu Ge rolls out learns the advantage that processor TPU already had banner person of the same trade 7 years, include latitude taller, can use more complex wait with mighty machine study model, obtain in order to use a more rapid land more intelligent result.

Will the difficult time of traditional chip manufacturer come?

The apple also establishs engineer group to design chip independently for IPhone and IPad at the plan beginning 10 years ago. Last year, the copy of AI chip ——A11 that 3 mobile phones such as the IPhoneX that the apple rolls out on autumn news briefing used own research and development to design gives birth to chip. Replaced chip supplier Imagination Technologies, convert the chip that the apple designs independently, graphical processing speed and on generation photograph exceeds 30% than highest promotion.

Yamaxun respect, reported Feburary this year according to research organization The Information, the company already began to design production AI chip. Special AI chip also can help its intelligence live in what the product reduces long-range to whole server to depend on, make intelligent sound box loves but (Echo) and control door lock and safety photograph the join that resembles first class electric home appliances<gj more on the safe side.

Market personage is analysed, enter artificial intelligence period, because general chip can not get used to the requirement with deepness algorithmic study well, and efficiency low, power comsumption big, cost is high, final and ecbolic tycoon of science and technology tries water to make core in succession. Chip trend is custom-built change, in order to satisfy the requirement of AI software, hasten of general trends place already was inside course of study.

Domestic side, tycoon of BAT science and technology also in succession business of sortie AI chip, among them 20 days, alibaba is wholy-owned bought culmination of domestic chip manufacturer small, before this, the Cambrian, Barefoot Networks, deep ancient bronze mirror still invested in A, be able to bear or endure can (Kneron) , fly nimble science and technology (the chip company such as ASR) . Go a few years, baidu also had considerable progress in deepness study domain, among them the chip of AI cloud computation that Baidu released a name to be XPU last year.

Believe ministry data according to labour, 2013 – 2017 industry of Chinese integrated circuit year compound increase rate is 21% , it is whole world of the corresponding period is added about fast 5 times the left and right sides, it is trade of new and high technology with chip industry, have driving development power. International market respect, predict according to Report Linker of market survey firm, to 2023, dimensions of market of global AI chip will reach 10.8 billion dollar, compound year all increase rate is 53.6% .

Chip manufacturer be attacked front and rear

The orgnaization such as Magenshidanli predicts by last year, chip rises in price or see a top very quickly, try water to make core plus tycoon of science and technology, chip manufacturer be attacked front and rear. To answer concussion, the adopts a group to warm oneself way that chip industry buys already lasted longer period of time.

Enhance competition ability for outspread business domain, cut down make and develop cost, 2015, an Hua is tall 37 billion dollar buys denounce endowment rich connects; to be limits of Wu of great undertaking of patulous chip category, enlarge likewise, connect high buy;2017 of favour wisdom riverside with 47 billion dollar at announcing 2016 year, rich is connected put forward to buy a person of the same trade to be connected high with 103 billion dollar again, in order to resist the industry competition risk of 5G times.

Association of international semiconductor industry predicts, did not come 10 years, semiconductor industry will enter fluctuation to swim from transverse conformity perpendicular and integrated phase, chip manufacturer comprehensive strength is stronger and stronger, the industry is spent centrally taller and taller, the pattern of oligopoly will get farther aggrandizement.

Additional, be pounded in manufacturer of a few chip, try to seek dimensions advantage through be being bought while, the chip that also has transition lead makes a firm, the person that make the benefit of AI times. The company such as Intel and Ying Weida made its much chip professional technology change AI and burgeoning field, come through serving for tycoon of science and technology gain. Among them, intel ever announced last year, be the AI chip of ” of processor of “Nervana nerve network with the name of company joint development such as facial book.

Notable is, the book of Gu Ge, face plan that puts forward to want to make own chip still is in start level. And in fact, gu Ge and Ying Weida also remain a partner, GPU(graph processor of Ying Weida) go up in Gu Geyun platform with TPU compatible still. And Alibaba also expresses, in A NPU(is embedded nerve network processor) after rolling out, ying Weida GPU will still move on cloud computation platform.

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