Weigesi company: Drive the promotion of function and efficiency

On April 23, 2018, lan Kaixia county (England) / Shanghai (China) —— the company regards Weigesi as the whole world high-powered get together ether aether ketone (PEEK) and get together fragrant aether ketone (the leader of PAEK*) polymer solution and forerunner, devote oneself to to realize advanced car, aerospace, electron and function of energy industry domain to reach (cost) the promotion of efficiency target. China International is plastic 2018 rubber industry exhibition (CHINAPLAS) is Asian dimensions the biggest plastic reach rubber trade fair, the company exhibits Weigesi the stage is located in composite material and high-powered data division, its exhibit a focusing the solution example at concentration.

Be in the China of rapid development, innovation change quickly, production level grows continuously, supplier of the original equipment manufacturer of each industry, one class and treatment business are facing major challenge. These challenges include development and product lifecycle short, appear on the market promotion of function of fast, product and function and energy efficiency promotion do not match rate etc. International is rubber-plastic the person look around that exhibit in Weigesi the company is exhibited (7.2L49) aux will be able to understands Weigesi quite how does the company make with client clasp VICTREX™Ketone of PEEK He Jufang aether (the specific design that PAEK) solution satisfies a client and make / treatment demand, these solutions cover configuration of the polymer of relevant application domain, product and component.

ST Namgoong of director of region business affairs calls power case Si Yatai “ attend international rubber-plastic exhibit show we are in the product further individually burgeoning the application that reachs existing domain is pushed to the whole world. Weigesi is not unfamiliar to Chinese market. Power case Si Yazhou innovates to be located in Chinese Shanghai with technical center, make we can be area to the client provides the service of high quality and drive innovation in China, heretofore already had more than 10 years. ”

Car domain —— promotes the innovation of dynamical system

In red-blooded car domain, improve efficiency of dynamical system component while reducing systematic totle drilling cost is one of serious challenges. No matter be,consume a respect, china already was the car market with the biggest whole world, the application of VICTREX PEEK polymer conduces to promotion function and commercial beneficial result, still conduce to original equipment manufacturer / one class supplier reduces carbon dioxide discharge capacity.

In bulk, dimension the demand of ceaseless decrescent at the same time, the noise that engine concerns, oscillatory harmony brace up surface roughness (of NVH) reducing is the biggest challenge that original equipment manufacturer and one class supplier face. Already proved VICTREX HPG™Gear can reduce the noise in engine application 50%(3 decibel) . And, compare with cast-iron gear photograph, the weight of this kind of gear was reduced 68% , moment of inertia decreases 78% , improved systematic efficiency thereby. In addition, produce to large quantities of quantities from the concept, can use 360° all-around the work that completely compositive law begins VICTREX HPG™PEEK polymer to develop a field in gear innovation. In electric unit, compare with phase of traditional lamination data, APTIV™Filmy insulation can increase power density and successive torque output.

Electronic domain: Those who use PEEK yield reach rate / thinner product is made below the premise that maintains dependability

Semiconductor industry is faced with raise processor rate and store more data the challenge at same memory chip, reduce the node width ——FAB on chip at the same time yield, processing speed and online time are crucial. VICTREX™PEEK solution can bear high temperature and harsh chemical environment, show at the same time low commentate caustic of gas, wear-resisting and the character that create humble bead. They already were applied in important semiconductor workmanship, the automatic wafer that includes CMP and Fab is carried, can accelerate processing time, improve productivity 3% , raise yield possibly.

In industry of electric home appliances<gj, the consumer of nowadays asks their electric equipment can energy-saving, quiet, compact, can offer longer protect character period, this shows for manufacturer palpability develops way. VICTREX PEEK polymer can help these challenge; that solve this domain manufacturer of OK and contented mobile equipment is opposite APTIV™FILM of ultrathin negative format dependability / the demand of durable sex, allow ultrathin model loudhailer brace up velar ply falls to 3 micron, realize better acoustics performance and greater design freedom to spend thereby. Test of successive high power dependability confirmed its have superior fatigue performance, get together with PEN(naphthalene glycol of 2 formic acid ester) photograph comparing, loudhailer service life can raise 3 times.

Aerospace domain —— begins to apply get together ether aether ketone (PEEK)

The demand to new aircraft will increase ceaselessly henceforth, this is the roll booster of center of development of outfit of this Chinese flying aircrew and industry of native land aerospace undoubtedly, china rolled out this locality design and made COMAC C919 plane recently. The challenge that aerospace manufacturer faces now is: Accelerating while new aircraft assembles speed the requirement of function of give attention to two or morethings, cost or weight.

Development of a of Weigesi major innovation is to roll out VICTREX AE™250 composite material. This material is aerospace industry development only for PAEK* composite material, the mixture moulding technology, production that accelerates a component is used in allowing to be made in the spare parts, its cycle time with minute measure for the unit, and the hot solid sex that similar applying replaces data phase to compare it is an unit with the hour.

Plane structure support is main development field all the time, besides promoting component crop and plane to assemble, reduce in new support weight 60% while, satisfy the decisive requirement of intensity and durable sex.

Energy field —— improves efficiency and shorten the halts time limit for a project solution with high price

What lay in as global oil is dried up, of oil and natural gas business extend the front to face the environment that provides challenge sex more. Lay in resource to get these special rule, exploration and the equipment that produce a company to be forced to be worth high price are exposed the high pressure that falls at extreme temperature condition and caustic fluid are amiable in body. Solution of VICTREX PAEK polymer just can bear extreme high pressure, high temperature, caustic chemical and other are caustic environment, improve the service life of the tool below the well and dependability significantly, with raising efficiency to shorten cost halts time limit for a project exaltedly. A typical case is apply at pump stop push bearing: Be based on the wear-resisting character with exceedingly good VICTREX PEEK, although bearing uses 3 years of above, its wear away also is very little. In addition, power loss still was reduced 30% .

The company declares one’s views Weigesi international is rubber-plastic exhibit: Patulous and infinite likelihood

Weigesi gets together ether aether ketone (VICTREX PEEK) polymer is exceedingly good mechanical show with chemical character it can satisfy a variety of combination to ask. For example, light qualitative high strenth gets together ether aether ketone (PEEK) polymer is had very tall wearability, high temperature resistant gender, fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance fluid / the function of chemical. Compare with metallic photograph, get together ether aether ketone (the weight of PEEK) material shapes very gently, easily, anti-corrosive, and have very tall intensity coefficient () of intensity of every unit weight. Since from 20 centuries 80 time commercialize “VICTREX PEEK” first, the ceaseless development of the company promoted Weigesi the innovation of material and technology, make the application of polymer produced revolutionary change, still expanded at the same time the infinite likelihood of material.

Came 27 days on April 24, 2018, international is rubber-plastic 2018 exhibit will meet in Shanghai country exhibit a center (NECC) is held, the company exhibits Weigesi a 7.2L49 be located in composite material and high-powered data division.

*PEEK(gets together ether aether ketone) it is PAEK(gets together fragrant aether ketone) a kind, be a kind high-powered thermoplastic plastic, be like VICTREX™PEEK.

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