To decrease annual the defray of 1 billion dollar, connect high already began to cut down the member of persons employed considerably

Although depend on several outstanding mobile chip platform,connect high, each OEM manufacturer is contended for use, in the position that at present mobile phone market holds the mainstream, but opening the day that comes nearly two years high actually is not too feel well, want to adjust the expenditure that reduces a company instead, report of the intermediary outside recently is connected high already undertook cutting down the member of persons employed considerably.

Intermediary Reuters is in outside newest report middle finger goes out, connect high already began to cut down the member of persons employed, the spokesman that does not reveal the identity states the company is after the expenditure that evaluates employee section, think to cut down the member of persons employed to develop those who conduce to a company for a long time, include to decrease in the center full-time and temporarily employee, but did not give out roughly number cutting down the member of persons employed.

Press the statistic before this, connect a company high to have 33800 full-time, part-time jobs and temporarily employee, bloomberg states the relevant code that knew this amount cutting down the member of persons employed high to already reached California area sets, need to give WARN announcement, or the job is adjusted and groom again announcement, so this may be to tell very large-scale employee high cut adjust.

Last year, gaotongyin is patent accredit cost issue and become enemies of big client apple, reduced income considerably, and this year the beginning of the year, connect this hopeful and rich high to connect a company to reach brushstroke of level of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two dollars buy trade, but final be considered by what American president Donald Trump stems from land security information and make stop, this lets be connected high cannot successful from the extricate oneself in predicament.

This second cut down the member of persons employed to be in to be connected high in January to investor people measure of the one part in affirmatory reduce expenditure plan, gao Tongxi hopes to borrow this to reduce expenditure of 1 billion dollar every year, in order to win investor people support accepts what rich connects to buy, although buy,won’t do now, but be connected high or should continue to implement this plan.

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