The world is mixed by force core division lab rolls out newest USB Type – C fills a solution quickly quick implementation simplifies design

Organic compose is forecasted say, total dimensions of market of new generation USB Type-C will exceed one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan. Be about to unite a standard in industry letter ministry particularly, and the combination of apple and homebred smartphone is driven under, be filled quickly and wireless filled a technology quickly to be greeted erupt type grows. So, now on market, have OK and quick implementation to simplify design, fast appear on the market the plan of market of race to control?

Altar —— is talked to be filled quickly in the 17th power source management with wireless charge on the seminar, the semiconductor & with Chinese electron the most outstanding industry yuan supplier life of technology of parts of an apparatus is strong, brought quick USB Type-C solution.

The world is mixed by force core division lab rolls out newest USB Type - C fills a solution quickly quick implementation simplifies design

This Ci Shijiang’s quick USB Type-C solution and Silicon Labs combination manufacture, the core of this solution is Silicon Labs is rolled out be based on tall compositive the USB PD that spends MCU EFM8BB3 reachs key solution, can offer whole hardware reference design and inn of agreement of USB PD software, be like: Had adopted the chip of USB power supply of USB-IF attestation, of design of Billboard equipment reference, USB PD charge treasure, the graph of referenced hardware principle that fast charger consults the; such as the design can offer USB PD program and software code, come true quickly thereby simplify design, promotion charge efficiency, shorten the product appears on the market time, it is choice of ideal of USB PD pilot.

And solution of this USC Type-C, thought integratedly still when the design component supplies a case, the EFM8BB3 in plan and USB Billboard range of products (the) such as QFN32, QFN20, QSOP24, alive strong element has merchandise on hand to supply on electric business. Downstream consumptive class number piles up mill business to be after the products plan that finish, through the world the particle of business of strong element cable is bought quickly purchase component of merchandise on hand, can assure to arrive inside 3 weekday, can shorten greatly time of product research and development, quicken a product effectively to appear on the market.

Besides data of of all kinds technology cover, and outside the safeguard that offer money, business of cable of world strong element still offers a technology to serve. Want you to encounter any problems only in process of design of research and development, the senior technologist that can pass module of technical difficult problem to go up to platform of business of cable of world strong element quizs, the technologist also will be offerred for you inside 24 hours solve in detail, help you solve difficult problem of research and development.

Plus the age that official recently investment uses strong &keysight opens a lab, can offer freely for all enterprises low power comsumption, wireless fill telex to be defeated by efficiency, EMI beforehand compatible (radiation) the test of a variety of plan such as near field is measured, come so, the generation is strong pass linkage of the on-line on the line, can better provide diversity, fast service and component support for the enterprise.

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