TDK is rolled out accord with grade B radiate and the medical treatment power source that conduct EMI standard

The CUS30M that TDK rolled out TDK-Lambda brand recently and CUS60M series communicate / direct current source. These are compact model the rated power of the product is mixed for 30W 60W, use I kind or II kind (double insulation) structure and need not exterior filter wave, accord with grade B to conduct with radiation EMI standard. Depend on this kind of flexibility, CUS30/60M can be in; is clinical nurse, science of video system, biology, dentistry, family nurses, check and measure, broadcast and use in all sorts of application such as industrial equipment.

TDK is rolled out accord with grade B radiate and the medical treatment power source that conduct EMI standard

These two model use occupation standard 50.8 X 76.2mm (2”X 3”) is enclosed, the height of CUS30M is 24.2mm, the height of CUS60M is 26.7mm. Both all can work inside the 85 wide input limits to 265Vac, work efficiency is as high as 90% . The sky of 30W product carries power comsumption <0.3W, the sky of 60W product carries power comsumption <0.5W. CUS30/60M can be in be fully loaded with, natural refrigeration, – the 20 environments to 70°C work below temperature, 70°C drops the forehead comes 50% load.

The input of this series and output segregation are 4, 000Vac(2 MoPP) , input and ground segregation are 2, 000Vac(1 MoPP) , output and ground segregation are 1, 500Vac(1 MoPP) , apply to B class and BF class equipment. The osculatory electric current of 30W most greatly 100μA, the osculatory electric current of 60W most greatly 60μA. The biggest job, carry and store height above sea level is 5, 000m.

CUS30/60M series passes the safe attestation of IEC/EN/ES 60601-1, IEC/EN/UL60950-1 and IEC/EN60335-1, have the CE sign that accords with low voltage and RoHS2 instruction. These power source still accord with EN 55011-B and EN 55022-B to conduct project a demand with radiation (I kind with II kind) , and satisfy EN 61000-3-2 harmonic, IEC 60601-1-2 the 4th edition and standard of IEC 61000-4 immunity to interference. In addition, the product still accords with UL1310 to be restricted power power supply (2 kinds) requirement () of 5V model except.

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