System of power source of double passageway of ADI new fund manages implement supportive changeover efficiency is surveillant

ADI announces to roll out Power By Linear™LTC2972, this parts of an apparatus is government of system of power source of a double passageway implement, can monitor input of intermediate bus line is nodded to load (the electric current of POL) converter, power and specific power consumption. Monitoring the power of circuit board and energy use a case is to its power comsumption carries out the management, the first condition that optimize and drops, aim frame of bring down server and data center refrigeration and utility program cost.

System of power source of double passageway of ADI new fund manages implement supportive changeover efficiency is surveillant

LTC2972 offers input specific power consumption conveniently through interface of a PMBus (report with joule for the unit) the information with run time, partook for lead plane onerous poll and computational task. Measure photograph union when the number that exports voltage, electric current and power with POL, LTC2972 can come true to change the long-term surveillance of efficiency to power source system. LTC2972 is FPGA, ASIC and DSP the comprehensive surveillance that the power source system on circuit board added to be based on software and control function, quickened a product to appear on the market thereby dependability of system of process, promotion and optimize circuit board specific power consumption.

This parts of an apparatus collects appliance to 0.25% always do not adjust an error (of TUE) congener and optimal 16 modulus converter (ADC) will output voltage to undertake fine tuning, abundant is spent to power source adjust and monitor, can improve circuit board crop and long-term performance thereby. Electric current of power source output uses to detect the IMON output of DCR of resistor, inductor or power source will measure. Power source sort, censorial with EEPROM out of service record be inside of buy. Breakdown sparks EEPROM black box records a function, in simplify the system that future also is while breakdown is analysed is improved provided deepness information. Every passageway is had but process designing power supply is good, or general input / output (GPIO) cites a base. LTC2972 and system of other power source manage implement photograph join, can coordinate the sort of course of more than 2 power source and breakdown management. Compatible command uses the PMBus that this parts of an apparatus offers at setting power source neatly system and undertake counting occupying answering reading. Configuration is in LTpowerPlay®In developing an environment, finish, its support systems of all power source of Power By Linear to manage (PSM) parts of an apparatus. Once the setting is finished, need software code no longer, and can move independently.

LTC2972 provides the job inside the industrial temperature range that uses temperature limits and −40°C to 105°C to the business of 70°C in 0°C, use the 44 6mm X 7mm QFN that cite a base to enclose. Sample of parts of an apparatus and evaluate circuit board to be able to pass ADI website or agency of connection ADI place to inquire a detail.

Character is schematic: LTC2972

Supervise 2 power supply with digital means

Power source abundant is spent adjust or the 0.25% less than that nap accuracy is worth to target voltage

Send PMBus compatible order through I2C/SMBus number interface

With the EEPROM that provides ECC function at configuration and black box out of service record

Provide support by LTpowerPlay GUI

Power source sort implement ─ is based on time, cascade, support dogs

16 ADC that provide 0.25% TUE monitor and obtain information of the following telemetering:

Input power source course: Voltage, electric current, power and specific power consumption

2 power source output: Voltage, electric current and power

Parts of an apparatus and 2 exterior temperature

Door of censorial OV/UV window is restricted: Input two voltage of voltage, two power source, exterior temperature

But process designing goes to what burr disturbs defer can configuring power source good output cites a base

Cross parts of an apparatus of many ADI PSM to coordinate sort and breakdown management

Need not additional software can move independently

But timer of process designing watchdog

Use 3.3V or 4.5V to come power supply of 15V power source

–40°C works to 105°C temperature limits

The 44 6mm that cite a base×7mm QFN is enclosed

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