Resistor meet an emergency piece dc bridge measures circuit strategy

In complex mechanical system, study its power comsumption and performance, design their structure and the lubricant position that study each module across block, measure the important parameter such as the attrition force between each parts of an apparatus, will be taken seriously by people place all the time for years. Because machinery is in-house motion is complex, the environment is harsh, attrition strength is relative very small, to measure brought very great difficulty, how to measure a these data accurately to appear important all the more.

Use wireless send and receive means, use sensor signal to pass wireless send and receive circuit to undertake signal transmit, can store data reads in the data inside memory card to the computer to undertake an analysis again first, for complex the data that reachs the system with data accurate requirement is collected provided new method. Additional, collecting when frequency is taller, data bulk is greater, wireless transmission speed, interface transmits speed of processing of this pair of processor in collecting a system, radio frequency speed, A/D changes speed and power comsumption to wait to have very high demand, impose the restriction of dimension of mechanical system interior, difficulty is greater. Come so, data collects the design of circuit board to become this data to collect systematic key, the data with our need technical design is collected and wireless send and receive device.

Measure systematic principle

The system handles circuit and PC composition by circuit of sensor, power source, signature manage, signal when be being measured actually, sensor installation is moving on, because use down-lead device to deliver signal to be able to limit the movement of mechanical component, because this can be used wireless send and receive circuit to transmit data, also can use memory means to undertake data is collected, save data to memory card first namely, memory card is taken out to read in the computer again after data is collected, if the graph is shown 1 times,measure systematic principle.

Resistor meet an emergency piece dc bridge measures circuit strategy

Baric sensor and meet an emergency piece the voltage that outputs 0 ~ 2.5V through signature manage circuit, can handle circuit to stock signal of number of imitate signal translate into again through signal memory gets stuck, thermocouple outputs the digital signal of 12 SPI format through signature manage circuit, but by sheet piece chance is direct stock signal memory gets stuck. The time that stores the capacity of card should assure to collect signal asks (when collecting frequency to be 3000Hz, the memory card that chooses 512M above can assure to collect time 25 minutes of not less than) . And meet an emergency of this resistor in surveying a system piece the design that dc bridge measures circuit is a key, we will are opposite below this one part undertakes detailed analysis and design.

Resistor meet an emergency piece dc bridge measures circuit

Meet an emergency piece recuperation circuit by step up chip (offer working voltage for chip) , voltage is fiducial (stabilized voltage) , the partial composition such as wave of bridge, filter, enlarge, if pursue,2 are shown.

Resistor meet an emergency piece dc bridge measures circuit strategy

Measure circuit place to choose meet an emergency piece model 350-2AA, k=2.18(of strain gauge factor of meet an emergency does not have dimension plus) , nominal resistor 350Ω , filar bar dimension: 2×2mm; considers the characteristic with the little space on gonnecting rod body, install as far as possible a few sensor, because this uses bridge of straight arm drifting sheet,will realize the resistor changeover to voltage. So far, wireless the resistor meet an emergency in sending and receive data to collect a system piece the design that dc bridge measures circuit has been finished, of course, when we design data to collect a system, need according to actual measurement, the environment that moves like the system gets etc of temperature, frequency the influence of a few environments, what measure parameter each is different, bring about data to collect a system not identical also, the architect can undertake modification according to need. What article key studies is wireless data collects the meet an emergency in the system piece the design of dc bridge, when for complex rigid control the system is undertaking the data with greater difficulty is collected, pose feasible strain piece dc bridge devises plan.

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