Pass connect a plan high to cut down the member of persons employed in great quantities, want to cut cost of 1 billion dollar

On April 19 message, the word of personage of know the inside story of quote of Peng rich company says, be opposite with the apple thin law court while, chip tycoon is connected high (Qualcomm) is planning to cut down the member of persons employed to cut cost. Say in the report, gao Tongzheng is seeking the cost that cuts 1 billion dollar.

Still not be clear about at present connect a plan high to cut discard into parts how many employee, but allegedly amount very. Personage of know the inside story discloses: The measure as a result of the personnel that cut discard into parts is adequate tall, so that be connected high will must refer so called “WARN to inform ” to California, namely employee is adjusted and retraining informs. Those plans fire the firm of 50 above employee inside 30 days, must submit such document.

Pass connect a plan high to cut down the member of persons employed in great quantities, want to cut cost of 1 billion dollar

Since with the apple the relation worsens, the profit that knows high is attacked by heavy retype. 2017 the four seasons is spent, this company profit dropped 90% , continueing to get the worry of malic law lawsuit. Allegedly apple and its supplier reject to pay patent fee to its in litigant process. In connecting the money that will release November last year high to declare, express, “ of its outstanding achievement is reached his to supply the negative effect ” that commercial firm moves by the apple.

In addition, the throw the helve after the hatchet of IPhone type lieutenant general that did not come according to saying malic company is in connects chip high, use the partial product of Intel and couplet hair division only, this action general causes fab harm to the long-term finance affairs that connects high.

Connect high with the legal dispute between the apple only then at a year before, the United States is confederative at that time trade commission (FTC) alleges, gao Tongzheng forces an apple to use chip of its base band with taller patent fee. Soon after, malic company gets involved, give claim for compensation to Gaotongdi the lawsuit of 1 billion dollar. Connect high express at first, it hopes to be in litigant process originally, malic company can cooperate as always with its, but connected pair of apples high later to mention countercharge.

In addition, connect a requirement high to prohibit using the IPhone of Intel technology in the United States. Gao Tongshang did not publish a comment to the report that cuts down the member of persons employed today.

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