Our country develops border going abroad to precede horizontal 5G corresponds chip kernel

Once the resurgence communication of at the summit of one’s power won’t think of probably, the “ that a small chip pressed the company grows quickly suspends key ” : American Department of Commerce announced a few days ago, prohibit inside 7 years American enterprise offers any electronic technologies or communication element to resurgence communication.

The resurgence crisis reflection of arise suddenly gives “ of industry of our country communication to be short of the awkward unfavorable situation of ” of core little fetch. Prospective “ resurgence people ” what course to follow? ” of “ China core bends overtake build up date already blow. Wang Donglin group announces institute of automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences formally a few days ago external, the 5G communication device that 9 years development gave its last a period of time to have own intellectual property is powerful chip of general communication of “ heart ”——UCP() kernel, in computation ability and face of example of function power comsumption have international banner level.

Our country develops border going abroad to precede horizontal 5G corresponds chip kernel

Base station, smooth communication, mobile phone, these 3 are resurgence advocate business Wu. What does one paper ban of the United States mean after all? Pass through a group of data may have a restricted view one spot. The basis concerns a report, what there is half above to use in resurgence smartphone product only is to connect chip high.

And this is an iceberg only one horn. “ homebred chip basically applies at consuming a domain at present, in the industry application such as communication, military affairs, as apparent as foreign product difference, a lot of short board brought up be enslaved to be enslaved to of chip of our country high end the person’s situation. Light of Xi’an of ” Chinese Academy of Sciences is machine place deputy researcher, medium division Mi Lei of the author that achieve a bit says.

Of Mi Lei be anxious to be not redundant. ” industry of Chinese integrated circuit analysed a report 2017 ” show, homebred chip has integrated circuit of core of current our country rate is inferior, the domain waits in terminal of the computer, mobile, homebred chip is had rate it is nearly 0.

Be by the uses Yuguang communication field smooth module of punish with this resurgence exemple, smooth chip incorporates in smooth module (namely) of laser, smooth detector, still have electric chip (stimulate the smooth driver, ) such as amplifier namely. At present the smooth chip of low speed is mixed electric chip (≤10Gbps) came true homebred, but high-speed smooth chip and electric chip (≥25Gbps) counts an import entirely.

“ kernel is the core of chip, UCP is the buildup that is aimed at mobile field requirement kernel, can release below coequal specific power consumption get much computational ability greatly than traditional framework, can satisfy new era to be opposite of great computation ability and extremely low power comsumption double long for, lead our country to spend computation and implementation of data processing domain to bend overtake in high density collect. ” the Chinese Academy of Sciences hires Wang Donglin of former director of institute of researcher, automation to express especially.

5G times, the demand of interconnection of everythings on earth posed new challenge to computational ability. Wang Donglin says, wireless communication domain asks to signal processing speed and low power comsumption extremely tall, before what equipment of very much high end uses algorithm of specific application of ASIC(according to to design a framework mostly is hard quicken circuit) will answer with high-powered FPGA plan, but this makes equipment opposite solidify, cannot get used to the demand of algorithmic and system of coding of communication domain signal, ceaseless gradual progress. Whether to put in a kind of processor (a kind of chip) can maintain altitude already but process designing characteristic can be in again function power comsumption is close to ASIC than going up, realize “ software to define radio ” truly namely? This is a dream of radio industry all the time.

Nowadays, succeed as the research and development of UCP kernel, this one dream strode ahead again one pace. According to the data that Wang Donglin provides, UCP kernel broke through the fetters and handcuffs of the traditional chip framework such as Intel, through the framework innovation had high density collect to spend computational ability: The technology of data channel encode that odd nucleus uses with respect to the LDPC(5G level that can achieve every second 2.5GBPS) the LDPC encode ability of coding and 50GBPS, every second can finish 4G to order operation of FFT of 16 complex number that decide a dot.

What concept is this? The explanation says Wang Donglin: “UCP is at present the base band of the most powerful 5G communication number on international handles a kernel, can use as 5G grand base the core of station chip and mobile phone chip. Also be international is banner at the same time, the chip kernel that realizes complete software to define 5G number base band to handle below acceptable price, the 5G times of ceaseless gradual progress has this algorithmic below standard frame detail extremely strong vitality and applied foreground. ” .

He introduces, besides UCP kernel, we still developed many high-powered kernel, can satisfy mobile domain to use requirement not only, still can wait for national strategy domain and wisdom city and social safety, consumption in super computation, high-powered server kind if the electron exceeds high-definition intelligence TV, oversoul quick to exceed high speed to be photographed according to get along with picture, intelligent household.

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