IC manufacturer in succession sprint 7 accept rice, was pattern of the first a group of people of same interest already decided?

Last year the end of the year, intermediary says 7nm controls Cheng cost outside too tall, only consideration of apple, SamSung used 7nm technology 2018. Look nowadays, IC manufacturer is exceeded in the distribution rate of 7nm anticipate, the report shows, kylin 980 will use a technology of the 7nm that accumulate report, hopeful becomes the 7nm SoC that first quantity produces. In the meantime, samSung shifts to an earlier date half an year uses EUV(pole ultraviolet light to engrave) equipment completed research and development of 7nm chip technology, the person that the chip of brave dragon 5G that connects high will make first have a taste of what is just in season of 7nm LPP craft. The “ that design of IC of a gleam of and brilliant circle generation are versed in the manufacturer is aimed at 7nm blocks a force of battle ” labor to wait for hair.

At present 7nm makes “ the standard that Cheng returns lack to unite and definition, but can decide the stage accumulates report, SamSung, Intel to go in the first a group of people of same interest basically. The expert inside ” course of study is greatest health tell a reporter.

IC manufacturer in succession sprint 7 accept rice,

IC tycoon is active layout 7nm

According to the whole world Luo Fangde calculates squares formed by crossed lines of acting factory of circle of the 2nd big brilliant, 7nm makes Cheng craft can let chip area decrease considerably, below coequal transistor, 7nm chip is the 1/2.7 of 14nm chip, bring chip power comsumption thereby reduce the promotion with computational frequency. As a result of cost pressure, 7nm won’t appear to “ is fooled and go up the situation of ” , but manufacturer of IC of a gleam of already announced 7nm makes Cheng plan early or late.

High-powered computation is the epigone of advanced technology. Current, the Sailingsai of FGPA a group of people of same interest announces to getting used to computation to quicken platform to use a technology of the 7nm that accumulate report oneself, first product predicts to flowed 2018 piece, 2019 delivery market, newest the 112G PAM4 that announce is sent and receive implement the 7nm technology that the technology uses a stage to accumulate report likewise. The ASIC product line of couplet hair division plans to roll out industry head money to pass the 56G PAM4 SerDes IP of test and verify of 7nm FinFET silicon this month.

The bit mainland that rolls out AI chip formally 2017 also brings into 7nm the domain that make Cheng. The reporter begs card to be informed to bit mainland, bit mainland has had 7nm to design experience, the plan uses 7nm technology in chip of TPU of the Five Dynasties, predict 2020 face city. In the meantime, the reporter understands, AMD will show calorie of use 7nm technology in next generation, of Intel drive automatically chip EyeQ5 also plans to use 7nm to make Cheng.

To mobile phone bibcock, 7nm makes Cheng can yet be regarded as drive most advanced type to upgrade, block the measure of a high-ranking market. Kylin 980, dragon of malic A12, brave 855 hopeful uses 7nm technology, equip in China for, connect next generation admiral apple, high type. Wang Yanhui of allied secretary-general of mobile phone China points out to the reporter, as make Cheng more and more advanced, cost can be climbed quickly litre, investment scale is larger and larger, the advantage of manufacturer of a gleam of will be more clear.

Those who make Cheng is rising mean lower power comsumption, rapidder operation rate and smaller chip size, but IC is designed or not certain follow-up makes manufactory trade each times Cheng node, for example plan of option of case collect square heart enters 7nm directly from 14nm, jump over 10nm to make Cheng. Will look at present, main IC manufacturer has 7nm distribution plan. Core seeks the person that study chief inspector king laughs at Long Xiangji to point out, 7nm is firm of design of IC of a gleam of won’t the node of steer clear of. From the point of the technology, the 7nm processing in data and transmit have clear advantage, apply to; of high-powered computation chip to look from the market especially, the ceaseless gradual progress of product technology standards is the significant step that averts price war, the manufacturer has rising norms ability to carry price only.

But, the propulsion of 7nm the process also faces not certain factor.

It is the standard of 7nm above all. Intel high level ever made day of ” express in “ essence needle, the transistor density that friendly business 10nm makes Cheng technology is equivalent to Intel 14nm making Cheng transistor density only, the technology that make Cheng should come with practice magnanimity. From flank reflective IC manufacturer is in mix into the Standard Dimension that makes Cheng first name on have not gain consensus.

Some just uses the solution provider of Intel 14nm technology to tell a reporter, the line of 14nm craft is apart from Intel to be in 14nm, the narrowest the line is apart from in 10nm less than, and friendly business exists with the narrowest the line is apart from the circumstance that names a technology node, the 14nm of Intel is so OK the 10nm of ” of as friendly as “ business is right mark.

Next, IC works chamber of commerce rolls out much money product in 7nm, still serve as merely to 5nm transfer, depend on this sexual price that controls Cheng is compared. Wang Yanhui points out to the reporter, 7nm can cause impact to 10nm probably, but not regular meeting causes extruding to 14nm, because 14nm still is sexual value is better,make Cheng. Chamber of commerce of IC design works keeps ” in 7nm“ how long, the key is opposite at the manufacturer of fine rate, power comsumption, cost control capacity.

Stage accumulating report, SamSung, Intel enters 7nm the first a group of people of same interest

Last year the end of the year, collective CEO Liu Deyin represents stage accumulating report, 7nm makes Cheng already had more than 40 clients. This year on the investor congress of the beginning of the year, the stage accumulates report to show the information that has obtained order of more than 50 clients fully again, cover machine of mine of money of lead plane of smartphone, sport, processor, AI application, bit to wait a moment. According to the plan, the stage accumulates report already last year the fourth quarter undertakes 7nm risk sex try produce, predict the 2nd quarter begins a quantity to produce this year.

Face a stage to accumulate the comprehensive advantage that report has in the market, samSung places the hope in EUV technology. EUV uses wavelengh to be 10 ~ 14nm extremely ultraviolet light serves as illuminant, can make exposure wavelengh falls 13.5nm, be in 2 times in the technology such as picture figuration, exposure process may repeat 2 ~ 3 times, but EUV technology can be finished, rise to simplify technological process, shorten the effect that produces cycle, be regarded as to be in the advanced continuance that make Cheng rub the key of Er law. According to Han intermediary report, samSung has used EUV equipment to complete the research and development of pair of 7nm craft, shift to an earlier date than deciding a plan formerly half an year, stay to craft reforms and upgrade have more enough time. On Feburary 23, samSung begins construction the EUV with new construction produces a line, predict second half of the year is finishing 2019, 2020 put into production.

Whether can SamSung pass what EUV comes true to accumulate report to the stage to exceed instead? Greatest Kang Xiangji person point out, EUV is to purchase photoetching aircraft not only, take a cable length of a whole industry even, stencil of attack by surprise, testing instrument wants to make change, EUV technology is at present immature still, put in the problem such as illuminant power inadequacy, samSung uses the means that EUV is an adventure. And the stage of acting work one’s previous experience accumulates report to make Cheng in craft of IP of craft level, tripartite, back end is overmatch, add the income that appears on the stage to accumulate report to predict 7nm to contribute scale to will be achieved 10% , the quantity produces a likelihood to go in front of SamSung.

Although did not come out in 7nm too much movement, intel still is the adversary that report of SamSung, stage accumulating cannot ignore. Intel makes day of data that publish show in needle of essence of life, the fim of its 10nm craft piece density of span, grid span, logistic transistor all excel friendly business. Greatest Kang Xiangji person point out, intel is annual research and development is thrown in above of one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight U.S. dollors, all take advanced line in the critical process technology such as FinFet, intel basically is IDM manufacturer, although have acting industry business, do not be eager to reporting progress to the outside however, but look from current craft process, the stage accumulates report, SamSung, Intel to had gone in the first a group of people of same interest.

7nm is not advanced the final game ball that makes Cheng, 3-5nm makes Cheng had entered a field of vision that accumulates report and SamSung. The stage accumulates report to plan to begin a quantity to produce circle of 5nm12 Cun Jing from 2020, the brilliant that plans to produce 5nm to make Cheng is round workshop of first phase already was in 18 factories first year after year nowadays area of garden of southern industry science begins construction, predict the beginning of the year entered a quantity to produce; 2020 2 period, 3 period workshop predicts to be in 2020, entered a quantity to produce respectively 2021. Wait for 2022 the first, 2, 3 period workshop enters a quantity to produce entirely, produce per year can beforehand appraise exceeds 1 million. At the same time the stage accumulates electric acceptance, prospective 3nm workshop also will learn garden area to build in southern division. SamSung also combined Luo Fangde of IBM, case to develop what can make 5nm chip to make Cheng last year.

But 5nm technology is immature still, technology of near future EUV explodes go out to appear when 5nm node random blemish. Industry expert expresses to the reporter, 5nm is technical issue not only, also be economic problem, if 5nm does not have sexual price to compare, manufacturer of even if a gleam of also can make high-end product follow advanced make the gradual progress of Cheng only.

The key that “ drives engineering technology to progress is sexual price than, make Cheng Yue arrive from the back, sexual price is more crucial than be being jumped over. ” is greatest health say.

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