How does route of car of net of couplet of car of support of Europe, China measure car of new energy resources to quicken intelligence to change transition?

On global car market, car of new energy resources and nobody drive the agitation of car place sweep is leading Chinese car the industry change, the car also is transforming from traditional mechanical system the innovation of electronic system.

Retain as the car the abidance of the quantity grows, road bears the weight of the capacity already reached saturation in a lot of cities, traffic safety, give the problem such as an efficiency, environmental protection to be highlighted increasingly. Current, car couplet net is being become domestic and international new innovation of round of science and technology and the contend for surely land that the industry develops, the strategic good luck before entering an industry to erupt period, serving ecbolic and many new technology, new product, newly.

Think of data of group industry research center newly to show, the furnish before net of couplet of our country car had market dimensions is 4.49 billion yuan 2017, to 2020 dimensions of market of the costume before car couplet net will exceed 7.4 billion yuan. Visible, the market potential of car couplet net is tremendous.

Accelerate the development of car couplet net and intelligent car to support automobile industry, a lot of governments are in what go promoting a technology from policy, standard and financial capacity to evolve with progress.

Between the digital date 2018, the tooth signed Spain and grape to forgive memorandum (MOU) , will comparing dagger and Boertu and dust fierce is pulled and associated corridor is built respectively between Meilida, come so, can come true cross a city couplet net mixes the car to drive automatically test.

On April 12, industry letter is in ” management of test of road of car of intelligent network couplet is normative ” express on the press conference, industry letter ministry will be accelerated make industry of car couplet network develop action plan, promote the Miscellaneous Leaflet system that builds the content such as establishment of communication of shirt-sleeve car, information, road, the; of public service platform such as evaluation of perfect test test and verify, technology, certificate of quality promotes network of LTE-V2X car couplet the deploy of the new technology such as wireless communication technology and application, stimulative 5G and confluence of car couplet net develop.

Car couplet net

Meanwhile, standard organization IEEE also starts networks of next pair of generation car couplet in the near future the research of technical standard, announced to establish group of research of IEEE 802.11 NGV(Next Generation V2X) , the link stability with be offerred the application of car couplet net that aims to support higher rate, better and efficiency rise cover range. The standard expert Sun Bo of resurgence communication is appointed to be IEEE 802.11 NGV to study the chairman of the group.

Understand future of net of couplet of car of new energy resources to use foreground and development trend to help a company, the “ that shortly will hold on April 27, 2018 the 4th (Shenzhen) car of new energy resources is electronic-controlled with spot of ” of BMS technology seminar, sponsor just invited product of network of couplet of car of limited company of science and technology of couplet of content of Shenzhen city resurgence to manage group home general manager to Sun Hao makes attend current seminar and be brought ” foreground of application of net of couplet of car of new energy resources is analysed ” . Meeting site, grandson manager general analyses net of couplet of car of new energy resources from the latitude such as trend of heat of national policy, industry, technology, share safe plan of TBOX of hardware of intelligence of resurgence content couplet, be based on TBOX receive algorithm, drive the applied case such as behavior algorithm model.

In the meantime, luxiang of advanced application engineer exceeds science and technology of American Microchip small core to also will be brought in meeting site ” the application of Microchip intelligence program on car of new energy resources ” the theme makes a speech, help company of car of new energy resources accelerate car couplet net and intelligent car products plan.

And Cai Jinbo of manager of product of ministry of career of electron of car of Inc. of electron of Shenzhen suitable sth resembling a net also will be brought respectively and ” the car is primary the magnetic parts of an apparatus that intelligence transforms to advanced intelligence changes ” speech.

Additional, this second the seminar will be aimed at catenary of new energy entire industry and technical catenary, innovation of research and development of analytic new domestic and international technology, product and test develop the stress etc. At the same time the spot shows the setting extent, yuan of parts of an apparatus that helps an enterprise seek tall sex price to compare and solution, comprehensive help enterprise undertakes innovatory improvement to the product, participate in a honored guest to return organic meeting to obtain elegant gift in the spot. And you want to do, prepare an issue namely, taking curious be about to come to the spot, seek the answer and partner.

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How does route of car of net of couplet of car of support of Europe, China measure car of new energy resources to quicken intelligence to change transition?

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