Facebook or begin to grind oneself chip, use on center of AI platform, data and VR equipment

Facebook is advanced because paragraph of time divulges user data to get dispute fully, company author and CEO Mark Zuckerberg also are faced with the hearing of witnesses of United States Congress, although suffer so big setback, but the gregarious website with this the greatest whole world still needs to continue to develop, the message pointed out recently, after apple and Google, facebook also prepares to make chip now.

According to be being mentioned in Bloomberg newest report, facebook is being used on equipment and server in the chip that develops oneself, still establishing a group at present, the plan invites management to carry the manager that carries SoC/ASIC, firmware and drive development, although this project still is in inchoate phase, but seeing purpose of Facebook this action is main not hard also is to cast off to be being connected high inside of other chip company depend on.

The chip of Facebook should be met use in drive its AI platform, at present this platform supplies chip by NIVIDA, the Mark Zuckerberg before this thinks AI can accomplish the thing that more accomplishs hard artificially, so Facebook can hope chip can ask to design according to oneself, in order to provide stronger capability. And besides AI platform, facebook still uses chip on its data center.

Additionally Facebook still has the VR facility of the Oculus below the banner, and the chip that oneself can use on equipment of intelligent sound box, so to Facebook, grind oneself the one pace that chip is of course. Just divulge data incident considering this, facebook needs the likelihood more everybody accepts the argument their chip is to have the capacity that guarantees safe privacy.

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