“Core battle ” begin: Domestic chip industry is exposed short board

American government prohibits 7 years indrawn resurgence communication sells yuan of parts of an apparatus, software and technology, sino-US trade friction upgrades to high-tech domain, domestic communication industry experiences “ core painful ” first.

On April 18, manufacturer of communication of connection United States is connected high, tall appellative do not respond to to this matter of short duration. Respect of Intel China area says, now is the become silent before money newspaper is released period, we are already witting the command of American Department of Commerce, will abide by the requirement of relevant law laws and regulations. Yang Xu of president of division of vice-president of Intel whole world, China expresses to the reporter, “ we (company) headquarters is in the United States, we must be carried out, we continue to pay close attention to this thing ” .

That day, resurgence communication hands in an announcement to say in harbor, announce delay 2018 one quarterly reports, the stock continues to stop a card. The intermediary outside be aimed at has a message to say resurgence will not use Gu Ge possibly to install eminent system, resurgence respect response expresses, the company still is in at present the true bogus that checks incident, the ability after needing to be evaluated to integral incident understands the material effect to the company.

Resurgence encounters chip crisis rings alarm bell noisy to manufacturer of domestic other science and technology, face the trade friction that upgrade, in what is domestic chip industry put short board? Do domestic chip manufacturer and international tycoon difference have how old? Is domestic communication company capable to spend this crisis?

"Core battle " begin: Domestic chip industry is exposed short board

1 who corresponds in forestall technology of chip of core of course of study?

At present chip of core of course of study of our country communication still should rely on a large number of entrances. So, who be in forestall chip technology?

To communication industry the method of a kind of classification inside course of study is to will correspond cent is kind of chip maturity, reliability is higher base station chip and general consumptive terminal chip. Former the business of service of technology of news news report such as resurgence is wanted to be used, and latter basically is used in the number such as the smartphone kind on the product.

“(is both) not to be named on the same day with, (Base station chip) from the time that begins try out to use at least to need above two years to batch, main player has the manufacturer ” such as TI, ADI, IDT, the announcement that the electron that enrol business issues expresses, high-end communication chip basically by foreign manufacturer forestall.

From the point of tripartite report, the player all is the core of this one market to be connected high, and from the point of portion Gao Tongjun is holding market bibcock position. The research organization thinks, the mobile phone includes the resurgence of 65% to connect chip high.

Jump out communication industry, the tycoon on global chip market is more. Data shows, dimensions of global semiconductor market reached 438.5 billion dollar, manufacturer of conductor of before 10 most held whole market the portion of 58.5% , these manufacturers are Hailishi, Micron, rich connects SamSung, Intel, SK respectively, connect high, Zhi Pu of Da Heen of heart state apparatus, Toshiba, Yingwei, do not have the form of occurrence China manufacturer. The sea thinks of semiconductor below country’s biggest semiconductor industry Hua Weiqi sale was 6.16 billion dollar about 2017, and the sale of electron of the SamSung in 10 big tycoons is 65.6 billion dollar, most the sale of the semiconductor of favour wisdom riverside of end is 9.2 billion dollar.

Inchoate semiconductor company is design from IC, make, enclose, check a sale the compositive equipment business of keep everything in one’s own hands, intel, Motolora and SamSung all are in this. 80 time evening, industrial catenary begins professional division of labor, connect high, the couplet hair division, IC that exhibited dispatch to become independence designs a company, and stage accumulating report, medium core international criterion focusing takes the place of in round brilliant labour, life light is the main player that encloses link.

With acting labour and the craft that enclose test link competitive photograph is compared, the market and focus of public opinion attention are IC design link all the time. Especially after the smartphone is arisen, connect high, many semiconductor manufacturers such as division of hair of Intel, SamSung, couplet, Ying Weida after many layout, form new tendency of the market stage by stage.

The report shows, global smartphone applied processor market shipment to measure 2017, connect portion high to increase 4 percent, achieve 42% , rank the first, apple next, couplet hair division and exhibit dispatch to all give now to slip. Mix in the mobile phone base the market of processor of beehive base band that the station needs, connect high shipment volume also preceded at other competitor income portion exceeds 50% 2017, although SamSung of Intel, Hai Saihe measures growth to present double diploid word in LTE shipment, but still lag behind.

In light of two ranks, the competitive dominant position that opens high is from what enter smartphone times to begin. This holds water at the company 1985, begin accumulative CDMA patent and technology from 1989, these patent technologies are become today the market hard the camp of exceed. Intel ever wanted a few degrees to be squeezed into mobile equipment market to be not had result and return, at present chip of support base band still is awaiting the new opportunity of 5G.

Does business of 2 China newsletter depend on degree to have to the United States how old?

What existence of Chinese communication industry does not have core is painful. With home communication of resurgence of company of service of technology of the 2nd big communication is exemple, its exceeded one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan to supplier purchase last year. Money newspaper showed resurgence news report 2017, resurgence is 3.169 billion yuan to the purchase of the biggest supplier, occupy this group year to purchase total 5.46% , forward the purchase with 5 the biggest aggregate suppliers is 106.12 yuan, 18.28% what occupy this group year to purchase total. Nevertheless, resurgence did not publish vendor name.

Golden company analyst thinks in, in the core component of communication equipment, base station some component is 100% come from American company, resurgence has 1-2 lunar stock up, if be not reached inside this time,reconcile, can affect the production of resurgence equipment. This pair of telegraphic industries, especially construction of network of Chinese operation dealer can cause an effect, affect prospective 5G to build.

In the domain of 3 big application of resurgence communication, chip doorsill is highest board piece it is RRU radical station, this one domain wants to come true homebred replace, need is longer.

The personage inside course of study considers Wen Jun to express, this has major effect to resurgence communication, he ever expressed, see those who be like giant Chinese electron industry to be in industrial catenary however the most downstream, although resurgence owns more patent, main chip and yuan parts of an apparatus comes from mostly however at American manufacturer.

Gu Wenjun says in article, mere chip (still do not include yuan of numerous parts of an apparatus or appliance) domain, resurgence communication has amount to suppliers of tens of chip of domestic United States, more deadly is, in resurgence communication link of domain of almost all product, all fractionize is having the figure of American chip, and domestic chip is little little.

There is an analysis to think inside course of study, resurgence finds substitute very hard inside short time. Industry analyst Yang Guang thinks, chinese manufacturer is short-term inside had jumped very hard still to be connected high, connect control high to wear the terminal chip such as the smartphone.

“ Intel also does 5G, rate of progress is not slow, problem of Er of Dan Ying spy has base band chip only, chinese OEM(generation is versed in) the manufacturer needs) of chip of SoC(system level, it is OK that with Intel so collaboration does the work such as technical research, test, use very few still. China for, SamSung (chip) plan is OK still, but basic it is for private use. Afore-mentioned ” analysts sign up for a reporter to express to new capital.

Tycoon China is the Chinese communication industry of great expectations be expressinged, its produce chip to be at present oneself China use for place, incorrect export makes work. Recently, china for spell president Xu Zhijun is in China to express on analyst plenary meeting, china it is an independent business to do not locate chip, won’t be based on chip to create income external. “ China to make chip only fixed position bears the weight of hardware framework, realize the poor dissimilation of the product, competition ability and low cost. Till now we do not have any idea and plan to sell kylin chip external. ”

Who is the Chinese company that are 3 the next prohibited to make work by the United States?

The hearsay said on April 17, american Department of Commerce already to Chinese communication equipment tycoon China issues administrative subpoena for the company, the complete information that requirement China goes 5 years to be exported to Korea, Iran, Syria, Cuba and Sudan to offer, cooperate to concern the United States to export limitative investigation to communication technology. To this, china expressed to media on April 18 for relevant personage: This is a false informations, china investigate to did not encounter American government.

Core is sought seek advice from chief analyst to consider Wen Jun to think, resurgence incident is a case below special setting, at present Sino-US two countries is seeking this level the eve that chip gives a shop sign, can happen any likelihood, and resurgence may be captured handle, reach admit one’s guilt the agreement is abided by with respect to this. This thing may be met finally continue to be solved through negotiating, won’t expand temporarily.

According to relevant media coverage, since market of United States of Hua Weizheng battle, can saying is time and again be rebuffed. Technology and asset are bought overrule (the 3Com 2008, 3Leaf 2010 and 2Wire, the) of Motolora network branch 2011, the order for goods of trade of operation of Sprint of 6 billion dollar that harvested 2010 is forced to cancel, the smartphone of not long ago and operation business AT&T sells a contract to fail, with shopkeeper 100 think of bought sale collaboration to shift to an earlier date break down.

A few days ago, xu Zhijun expresses to media, “ some things put down relaxed instead ” , “ is Sino-US the problem between is not I can say be clear about, the ” that can solve.

Jiang Jun of engineer of head of advisory program courtyard thinks, this the backside of punish also may have the reason of 5G. From the point of global deploy, china is more high-key on 5G, euramerican country is more careful, operation business has his plan. But if consider from antagonism angle, the likelihood has such reason, chinese lead, certainly will causes American concern.

“ China for, resurgence although such enterprise participates in metric system of test and verify to decide, speech advantageous position will be larger, but specific standard arrives industrialization phase, it is to should consider the many aspects such as products plan, patent, plan for certain. Chip serves as most upper reaches, from the point of the situation that understands at present, main provider connects chip high still, if this moment is restricted, adverse to Chinese manufacturer. ” Jiang Jun says.

Is ” of core of 4 “ China short board where?

The analysis points out, because start later, chinese chip makes level and international tycoon still have very big difference. If the United States and Europe, Japan implements chip embargo to China, so Chinese electron industry will face the crisis.

Inchoate, general chip regards high end as “ nucleus tall base ” is special one of, and country of the major policy such as 863 plans add hold, many governmental financing swarms into semiconductor industry. Long Xin, fly swiftly upward wait for homebred company in succession project approving.

These companies ever undertook trying on own research and development more or less, but progress of research and development is slow. In 863, 973, project of innovation of science foundation, knowledge and nucleus are tall base great and special wait for capital to give aid to below, place of computation of Chinese Academy of Sciences began to develop Long Xin CPU 2001. Till 2010, transition establishs a company, the sample of the CPU that this computation develops just finishs a product to change. At present Long Xin’s business is used influence evolution and not quite.

Use in business change an aspect, hua Weihai is thought of, exhibit the enterprise such as dispatch to pass framework accredit, fast investment designs research and development, obtained relatively apparent progress. 2013, china to obtained the framework authorization of ARM, the primitive framework that can design to ARM makes revise and undertake expanding mixing to instruction collect cut. Soon, china to rolled out Cong Qilin in succession 910 to product of chip of terminal of 960 much more acting intelligence, the technology that blended in oneself in processor framework innovates. Although whether ought to grind oneself,the framework still is put in controversy in industry, but the systematic chip that commercializes application with 10 years ago one is done not have, had been the breakthrough of 0.

Be in nevertheless domain of key of a few core, chinese manufacturer is long-term and absent. On one hand, chinese manufacturer is adherence him market, did not wish to break through of purpose. A staff member that exhibit dispatch tells a reporter, its product from base band build up, connect core patent high without lay a finger on all the time, fail for a long time to support CDMA to make type so, as to as associated as communication photograph base station chip is not to go more lay a finger on. Staff member of market of another general chip manufacturer expresses, semiconductor fractionize is too fine, chose the field that him ability radius covers, do not want to push the market with other firm.

Meanwhile, handsome appearance of Chinese semiconductor industry is rare be short of, and the discussion dispute that to advocating peace completely oneself “ takes creed ” , affected the plan that the industry develops. Gartner analyst fills Ling Hai to express, had thrown research and development of a few years to do not have a result, the breakthrough wants inside short time and do not have so simple.

These reasons bring about Chinese semiconductor industry to be in the condition of “ is big and not strong ” all the time, more of Chinese semiconductor industry is centered in back end craft, through be bungled money can have results, but to equipment of upriver foundation raw material, semiconductor and core yuan parts of an apparatus, wait for technology of many core chip to still master in foreign manufacturer hand like changeover of digital-to-analogue of radio frequency, FPGA, high speed, memory, industrial demand comes from an entrance basically.

Does ” of core of 5 “ China rise abruptly even how long?

Chip commerce has become the ” of black hole of the biggest “ of adverse balance of trade of Chinese foreign trade. Data of customs total office shows, integrated circuit of the last few years imports the forehead to all exceed 200 billion dollar, exceed oil for a long time even to import the specified amount. 2017, this one forehead reached 260.1 billion dollar, foreign trade adverse balance of trade reachs the one hundred and ninety-three billion two hundred and sixty million dollar of highest value.

Yang Guang expresses, the crisis affirms the development of industry of can incentive own chip, but wanting to rely on homebred chip to help resurgence stand out a crisis is far hydrolyze not close thirsty, chip industry is a long-term course, need lasts devoted and a little necessary tuition is afraid also do not circle the past. Be in what can foreknow in the near future inside, for instance 5G begins this a few years, be afraid or want to rely on an international market to supply.

Zou of chief inspector of policy of technology of communication of Intel China area and standard tells a reporter rather, 5G is to going up generation corresponds technical leap, communicate from person and person, introduce the communication of person and content, can have the space of a lot of innovation, prospective patent standard will not resemble times of 3G, 4G be being centered in hand of a few manufacturer. This is an interest good news undoubtedly.

Suffer this message effect, on April 18 closing quotation, homebred chip occurrence harden is wet. Be filled with Fang Wei, Wen Yike share of city of ability, day, deep science and technology, violet Guang Guoxin, big the Tang Dynasty telegraphic, achieve science and technology, north surely China achieve wait for 19 chip concept harden.

Country golden negotiable securities thinks, backside of Sino-US trade friction is science and technology and strategic dominant authority contend for, this resurgence incident is not independent incident, american main goal is snipe China is in what high end creates a field to extend, do not eliminate other science and technology have at the back of the company get the likelihood of similar restriction.

To Chinese manufacturer character, at present the most important is the overall arrangement that completes industrial catenary first. tripartite orgnaization wisdom grind seek advice from an issuance report to show, chinese manufacturer makes a person in the state of affairs of homebred chip development of core integrated circuit can care, equipment of system of all of computer science department, general electron, communication, memory device and show the crucial chip that reachs video system to go up, homebred manufacturer all has the crucial field that fails to enclothe.

In this one market, chinese government already threw multinomial policy support, among them industry of integrated circuit of a country invests fund (the dimensions that common weighs first phase of ”) of “ big fund to had achieved 138 billion yuan of RMBs, in addition each province and local government also invest much estate fund and private investment fund. These capital enough establish many high production can chip product line.

Country golden negotiable securities thinks, from will for a long time look, this incident will make China accelerate research and development of forward position technology and weak point breakthrough, the domain waits in technology of the 5G in communication industry and chip of high speed photoelectricity, communication chip, quickly occupational technology upland and implementation are homebred change replace.

Chip is ” of cornerstone of information age “

Chip, it is the silicon chip that points to embedded integrated circuit, volume is very minor, it is mobile phone, computer the one part of equipment of other perhaps electron. If say the organ with the mainest human body is cerebrum, so the “ cerebra ” that chip is electronic equipment.

The synthesis that chip industry is engineering capability of high end of a country shows, the strategy that is competition of global high-tech national power contends for commanding elevation surely. In information age, chip is the core cornerstone of each industry, product and system cannot leave all sorts of electrons such as control of instrument of computer, mobile phone, home appliance, car, Gao Tie, electrified wire netting, medical treatment, robot, industry chip.

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