City of dark blue of settle of product line of chip of communication of light of the 3rd high speed of world makes up for our country to make blank

Recently, city of dark blue state and Canadian family optical company sign cooperative agreement, semiconductor of smooth compound of affirmatory Heibei division produces administrative division of project settle dark blue.

Canadian family optical company is business of design of semiconductor of compound of world rank first, also be semiconductor technology imitate and leader of industry of computation of imitate of parts of an apparatus. Semiconductor of Heibei division smooth compound produces an item, it is the entire chain that this company builds in investment of dark blue cityChipManufacturing project, always invest 1.4 billion yuan of RMBs, product technology international banner, home is top-ranking, basically face domestic communication market. After project building, will optical to Canadian division company most a few products of core turn production into guild regulations model, predicting annual produce 1.9 billion yuan, year pay taxes 3. 400 million yuan, the project is amounted to after producing 5 years, predicting production value will achieve 3 billion yuan. Family optical company drafts the product line that goes up newly in city of dark blue state, it is the 3rd high speedLight correspondsChip product line, made up for chip of communication of light of our country high end to produce manufacturing blank. Of the project cast build cultivate information of electron of city of dark blue state and applied industry to accelerating, make high quality develop new engine, build strong city of innovation drive economy, will rise to urge action actively.

City of dark blue of settle of product line of chip of communication of light of the 3rd high speed of world makes up for our country to make blank

Yang Hui comes to family optical company dark blue promotes course of study express to welcome. His hope both sides is introduced in innovation of science and technology, talent, the respect such as industrial development begins more thorough collaboration, establish relationship of long-term stable cooperation, realize mutual benefit win-win. Dark blue city will with the greatest good faith, best environment, first-class service, for division light the company grows creation good condition in dark blue, drive bilateral collaboration to obtain positive result of plentiful and substantial.

Yang Meng of president of limited company of technology of rice of smooth offer of family of president of division of Asia-Pacific of Canadian family optical company, Heibei expresses, family optical company will be chance with project be born, attract resource of more scientific research and high grade enterprise to come dark blue, make group of the whole nation’s top-ranking compound semiconductor industry jointly, fill this industry home is blank.

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