“20 million net gain of chip company can appear on the market ” it is a rumor

Recently, the message comes out can 20 million net gain of “ chip company appear on the market? Still appear on the market quickly, sign up for namely approve namely? ” these two days, the market pays close attention to height of ” of Chinese “ core, card inspect will be relevant chief is rapid make a response, “ this hearsay is a rumor! ”

Nevertheless, on March 30, 2018, meeting official net shows card watch, chinese card inspect is met basis ” issue a share about beginning innovation enterprise churchyard or put ask a certain number of opinions with pilot proof ” the pilot enterprise that waits for a regulation to maintain is not applicable gain index requirement. The enterprise of innovation of science and technology that accords with a regulation can land A.

Pilot enterprise ought to be to accord with national strategy, master core technology, market to approbate degree tall, belong to equipment of computation of Internet, big data, cloud, artificial intelligence, software and integrated circuit, high end to make, the industry of new and high technology such as biology medicine and strategical burgeoning industry, and achieve quite the innovation enterprise of dimensions. Among them, what already appeared on the market outside the condition is large red prepare a company, the innovation enterprise that market prise does not have not not appear on the market outside the condition under; of 200 billion yuan of RMBs (include red prepare enterprise and churchyard to register enterprise) , do business one year recently income not under 3 billion yuan of RMB and appraise is worth not under 20 billion yuan of RMB, perhaps do business income grows quickly, have own research and development, international banner technology, the person of the same trade is in position of relative dominant position in industry competition.

"20 million net gain of chip company can appear on the market " it is a rumor!

Close paragraph of time, development China core has been paid close attention to by the height of the people of the whole country, people’s Daily dispatch expresses, american Department of Commerce releases ban incident to touch Chinese society to resurgence, drive China to must accelerate those who develop chip wait for semiconductor core technology to think about us up and down. Resurgence product has a large number of imports yuan of parts of an apparatus from the United States, especially chip. Although China is current integral technology force under the United States, but the reforming and opening through a few years, we also laid the foundation that comparative, gathered actual strength. If today’s China is determined to capture a difficult problem, can accomplish normally.

The world supplies chain is flimsy before politics, american has begun serious consideration how China of keep within limits rises abruptly, the trump card that using to Huagaoke ability exit limitation is it all the time, it can enlarge the suitable scope of this piece of ace probably henceforth. China must want to had made the preparation that answers worse circumstance, those who form a native market to organize supportive core technology to develop is powerful beforehand case. We cannot be exported by beautiful Fang Duihua unlay, close and throw into confusion the rhythm that oneself develop native core technology, arrived now when we are determined truly.

The government is helping Telangpu we issue this determination. If China changed train of thought really, after overmuch perhaps teenager, the limitation that we can thank the United States to be made today decides, feel happy it made China restore a bit earlier to regain consciousness. Once China quickens research and development to use the job of homebred chip comprehensive start off, the manner of American respect also will subsequently soft come down. American semiconductor product still can enter China, but in the hand that grasps firmly in ourselves to active in those days advantageous position. For the changeover of that one pattern, we must act.

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