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Components2world.com is associated with Jitcomp Inc., an independent electronic components distributor company. We provide customers with high quality electronic products and services such as purchasing, inventory, the most of our advantage is supplication of discontinued components.
With the rapid development of new electronic parts, most companies follow these changes most of the time. Once a gadget with original discontinued parts gets broken, customers might not be able to use the product anymore since some of its components cannot be replaced. Discontinued electronic parts are basically expensive and are indeed hard to find. But JIT not only can supply you these parts but also can greatly improve your production cost.
JITcomp (Just in Time) is a six-year-old independent distributor of hundreds of thousands electronic components. We have integrated product categories and information and we provide thousands of obsolete/discontinued parts and inventory information spot on, specifically to address the customer’s needs. If you need to purchase any Hard-to-Find parts and Discontinued Integrated Circuits, just use our very simple inquiry process. All you need to do is complete the forms and click the ‘submit’ button. Rest assured that you will receive a reply within 24 hours via phone or e-mail.
Searching for the perfect electronic components for your business is like sailing in the open sea. You may find a lot of defective, damaged and counterfeit products from fraudulent companies that can never give you your money’s worth. But you can cast those doubts away with JITcomp. The company has a long track record of highly competitive products in the market from quality linecards of over 2,800 different manufacturers.
We also offer excellent services and fast but careful delivery. One of the most sought-after services is we offer OEM/CM excess inventory. We ensure good relationship not just with our customers, but with our suppliers as well. This can ensure that the products we provide will all meet the ISO9001: 2008 certification for the benefit of our treasured clients.
Therefore, we believe that JITcomp can become your best business partner!

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